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The Collaboration Between Yong Kang TCM and Nouriche

Many postpartum mothers actively seek information on topics such as postpartum care, postpartum recovery, postpartum yoga, postpartum health, postpartum exercises, postpartum nutrition, breastfeeding, infant sleep, newborn care, confinement meals, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum depression on the internet. They hope to find the best solutions to recover quickly and provide the best care for themselves and their newborns. Mothers not only need to adjust their lives but also take care of their newborns, all while focusing on their own physical health. Therefore, our Yong Kang TCM Clinic has collaborated with Quisine Postpartum Meals to provide a professional postpartum healing experience for all postpartum mothers, helping them find balance, confidence, and vitality in this new stage of life.

Nouriche Postpartum Herbal Cuisine

Nouriche is a thoughtful companion for postpartum mothers. They understand that postpartum mothers require high-quality food, which is why they carefully select ingredients and use fresh ingredients for cooking each time. They understand that postpartum recovery necessitates a diet with balanced nutrition. Therefore, they have meticulously designed a nourishing postpartum menu, complemented by the expertise of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, ensuring that the proportion of various components in the food is just right. This not only provides the necessary energy for new mothers but also offers valuable support for their physical recovery.

Furthermore, the postpartum meals offered by Nouriche feature a rich variety of dishes that do not repeat. This means that mothers can obtain optimal nutrition without becoming tired of their postpartum diet. This is particularly crucial because postpartum mothers need to adhere to a postpartum diet for a period to recover the nutrients lost during childbirth. By continually updating their postpartum menu, Nouriche Postpartum Herbal Cuisine guarantees that the dining experience for new mothers is always fresh and delicious, while maintaining the highest standards of food quality and hygiene.

Nouriche not only provides a diverse array of dishes but also offers significant convenience to new mothers. Their meal delivery service ensures that mothers not only receive high-quality food but also saves them the time and effort of cooking. This is a tremendous help for mothers who are adapting to their new lives.

Without a doubt, postpartum meals are a valuable asset for postpartum mothers, contributing to their physical well-being and mental health. To further enhance this effect, our Everhealth Chinese Medicine Clinic is sponsoring three $100 vouchers for Everhealth postpartum recovery. This unique collaboration is aimed at providing comprehensive care for new mothers, enabling them to embark on their parenting journey in the best possible condition.


When you purchase Nouriche postpartum meals, you will receive three $100 Everhealth Chinese Medicine postpartum recovery vouchers for free!

Everhealth Chinese Medicine offers three valuable postpartum recovery treatments for mothers. These treatments include Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) postpartum recovery, TCM postpartum pelvic correction, and postpartum hair rejuvenation. These treatments are designed to meet the diverse needs of new mothers and provide comprehensive body conditioning after childbirth.

Firstly, TCM postpartum recovery aims to help new mothers regain their optimal physical condition. Pregnancy and childbirth can exert a certain degree of physical stress, and this treatment accelerates postpartum recovery, boosts immunity, and enhances vitality through TCM expertise and methods. This enables mothers to adapt to their new maternal roles more quickly.

Secondly, TCM postpartum pelvic correction is highly important. During pregnancy and childbirth, the pelvis may experience displacement and looseness. TCM postpartum pelvic correction adjusts the position of the pelvis, helping mothers alleviate discomfort and pain, and restoring stability to the pelvis. This is particularly important for mothers who have undergone vaginal deliveries, as the pelvis may expand during childbirth and requires proper adjustment.

Finally, postpartum hair rejuvenation focuses on the health of mothers' hair. After pregnancy and childbirth, women's hormone levels undergo changes that may affect hair growth and quality. This treatment, utilizing TCM methods and natural herbs, promotes hair growth, improves scalp health, reduces hair loss problems, and helps mothers maintain healthy and voluminous hair.

In addition to relieving the symptoms mentioned above, these three treatments address various issues mothers may experience postpartum and the postpartum discomfort they wish to resolve, such as "mommy wrist," joint pain, postpartum gout, dizziness, significant lochia retention, bluish complexion, cold extremities, blood stasis, lower back pain, emotional instability, mastitis and breastfeeding problems, body laxity, loose skin, pelvic floor issues, postpartum depression, insomnia, and more.

The benefits of these three treatments not only accelerate recovery but also provide comprehensive body, mental, and appearance adjustments for new mothers. While taking care of their babies, new mothers also need to focus on their own health and beauty.


The goal of this collaboration is to provide postpartum mothers with the best postpartum recovery and care. We believe that healthy mothers are the best mothers. Through the postpartum meals provided by Nouriche and the postpartum treatments sponsored by us, we offer comprehensive support to mothers, helping them restore their pre-pregnancy condition and embrace the challenges of their new lives. We appreciate your support, and we look forward to assisting more postpartum mothers, enabling them to regain their confidence and embrace a brighter tomorrow.


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