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Singapore #1 most established TCM wellness group.

Singapore Beauty & Healthcare service provider in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Refresh Group has developed different TCM based companies in Singapore. From beauty and health care centers like Yong Kang TCM clinic and TCM wellness center to TCM based food like Rejuven TCM meal plan, herbal soup pack, and Yong Kang health supplements with a vision of making TCM simple and closer to people. 

We empower people's life by applying modern TCM techniques, and more than 2 million clients benefited from Refresh Group treatments/ products. 

We love organic TCM herbs, no chemical yet effective, and solve the root's conditions. 

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Yong Kang TCM Clinic offers a comprehensive range of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for different types of acute and chronic diseases such as migraine, chronic fatigue, women's health, common fatigue, common cough, and flu.

Besides, our treatment also covers all sorts of muscular and skeletal-related pains. ​Patients who are suffering from stroke or any injuries are welcome to our center for rehabilitation treatment.


We bring TCM to your house/ office


Rejuven TCM Nutritious Meal


Rejuven's TCM physicians designed a series of nutritional meal plans for general health, special health conditions, and customization. These weekly meal plans help to improve our health and balance our body constitution with TCM herbs.
All meal plans are available from 7 days - 28 days. Less oil, Less sugar, and No MSG


Refresh TCM Wellness Center

 A life-changing TCM based beauty and wellness center.

If you are looking for beauty and wellness transformation by using 100% natural TCM methods

Refresh TCM  Wellness center is the place to go! 

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Meet The Team


Mr Elson Lee

There were setbacks, judgments, and

rejections about his idea when he started.

Regardless of the challenges, Elson Lee only

knew one thing- to cultivate a healthy

Singapore via traditional and non-invasive

wellness treatment. 

Our Physician

We are a group of enthusiasm for Chinese medicine. We promise to share our years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine with the society. We will bring the essence of both Western and traditional Chinese medicine to benefit the crowd.

Advisory Council

We are the Refresh Group advisory council. We are here to be their backbone and support Refresh Group to a higher level.

Health Manager

You can spot us at Refresh TCM Wellness centers. We are a group of experienced therapists who committed to take care of your health with our skill and TCM knowledge. we call ourselves the Health Manager.


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