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Singapore #1 most established TCM wellness group.


Alfred Sim

Brand Ambassador

Singapore Beauty & Healthcare service provider in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Established in 2003, Refresh Group is one of Singapore’s largest TCM wellness groups with 5 business divisions that operate across 10 locations islandwide. Our core interests are focused on TCM clinic, TCM facial, TCM foot spa, TCM food, TCM hair care centre, and TCM herbal home care.


Powered by our strong team, we are committed to make TCM simple and closer to you and continue to align our business mission to empower everyone’s life with TCM and create a healthy world. 

Refresh’s existing business model makes us achieve massive success in benefitting more than 2 million clients by applying our modern TCM techniques. In order to provide the ‘right care’ in the ‘right place’, we offer integrated healthcare services so that people get the care they need, when they need it.

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We have a total of 5 clinics across Singapore to provide location convenience for the residents in various areas. At our clinics, our team of TCMPB registered physicians are dedicated to providing the highest level of healthcare, delivered with professionalism to empower your lifelong health and well-being. 

We offer a comprehensive range of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for different types of acute and chronic diseases and all sorts of muscular and skeletal-related pains.
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With a vision for a better experience for our customers in Refresh Bodywork, we set out to update our brand and create a new way to manage our wellness centre. So we’re excited to share with you, the new Refresh Beauty & Slimming wellness centre.

Refresh Beauty & Slimming wellness centre has three key pillars that differentiate us as the best option for customers in Singapore.

First, a new holistic Slimming & Beauty Wellness program has been designed to satisfy any requirements our customers might have. Second, our expansion team members with skills and experiences have come out with a new service menu to show their expertise and professionalism in every treatment. Third, our world-class TCM based wellness program emphasizes on providing treatments in a 100% natural and safe way.

Together with our professional team, Refresh Beauty & Slimming wellness centre promises to stay reliable and provide high-quality services just to cater to every little thing you need.   

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Hair & Scalp

Refresh Group proudly extended our service to Refresh Hair & Scalp to help customers combat hair & scalp problems, such as Male & Female Hair Loss, Greying & Whited Hair, Receding Hairline at an early age as well as other scalp concerns that you have lost confidence in looking for a solution!


With a vision for a better experience for our customers, we set out to bring in a new discovery & innovative treatment regime by combining Eastern's therapy with the advanced technology from Western to grow for every person confident who are experiencing hair & scalp problems through professional advice. You do need to act fast to increase your chances of success, we are ready to defeat all of these problems with you! 




Rejuven wellness and nourishing meal plan from 7 to 28 days designed in consultation with our international TCM registered physician will be your FIRST CHOICE!

Each meal plan comes with grain rice, tonic soup, main meat dish, vegetable dish, herbal tea, and dessert delivered right to your doorsteps for those who wish their family members to stay healthy at the same time seeking for convenience.

Meet The Team

Mr Elson Lee

There were setbacks, judgments, and

rejections about his idea when he started.

Regardless of the challenges, Elson Lee only

knew one thing- to cultivate a healthy

Singapore via traditional and non-invasive

wellness treatment. 

Our Physician

In pursuance of providing more efficient and better service which leads to better overall health outcomes for clients, our physicians have continuously traveled overseas for further training to maintain the required professional standards and advance their medical skills from different perspectives and platforms.

Advisory Council

We are the Refresh Group advisory council. We are here to be their backbone and support Refresh Group to a higher level.

Health Manager

You can spot us at Refresh TCM Wellness centers. We are a group of experienced therapists who committed to take care of your health with our skill and TCM knowledge. we call ourselves the Health Manager.

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