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We make TCM simple and closer to you 

TCM has a variety of natural healing methods that can help you resolve your health issues. These ancient healing forms have been used effectively—without harmful side effects—for thousands of years. These modalities reflect Chinese insight and ingenuity in creating methods that promote healing in specific ways.

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New Service

Introducing Yong Kang new service - Video Consultation. #TCMHOME. 

Our service makes TCM simple and closer by connecting you with our professional Yong Kang TCM registered physician wherever you are. 

Stay home. Save time. Stay safe

TCM Video Consultation




We bring TCM to your house/ office

Yong Kang Wellness Capsule

Yong Kang a team of medical advisors who are passionate to create a healthy world. Together we are raising awareness.

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A new line of TCM based food delivery service with the purpose of bringing healthy, convenient, and delicious meals closer to you. 

Our meals are designed for people who are health-conscious。

TCM Food Delivery

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