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We provide non- invasive, non- injection slimming treatment.


TCM slimming treatment is our forte. We work with registered TCM physicians to design what is best for our clients. We also keep exploring new TCM slimming treatments for different body constitution and support our clients to achieve their ideal weight. 

Slimming, Toning and Lifting can be done with TCM method.


It is clinically proven that with TCM herbs and treatments not only helps to achieve flawless and brighter skin but also helps to improves our wellbeing. 

With our highly trained TCM healthy manger, they are able to provide skin solutions by using the TCM method. 

100% TCM herbs, long-lasting effect, safe and effective.  


Refresh TCM Wellness is well known for treating different body conditions with TCM method. 

With a group of TCM registered physicians and internationally trained health managers.  We have design TCM treatments to treat different types of body constitutions and skin conditions. 

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