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Pelvic Restoration

Traditional Chinese Bone Setting Technique • 100% Natural • Instant Result

What is Pelvic Restoration?

Pelvic Restoration, also known as pelvic rehabilitation, combined with traditional Chinese bone setting techniques, pelvic restoration effectively repairs various pelvic problems to achieve painless and instant results.


How it works?

Irregular pelvic bone configuration can be corrected through TCM methods - traditional Chinese bone setting techniques by loosening the muscles around the pelvic region and then realigning the pelvic bones.

Done over a number of sessions and proper self-training as instructed by our physicians, patients can regain confidence, walk and sit comfortably.

Why do you need Pelvic Restoration?

More than 50% of people do not know they have pelvic tilt problems. There are symptoms that can be seen from standing posture, common postures are bow legs, sway back, anterior pelvic tilt, thoracic kyphosis, and more. These symptoms are usually caused unintentionally in our everyday life for many reasons.

Pelvic Tilt symptoms

There are different types of symptoms from standing posture.

Good Posture

Anterior Pelvic Tilt



Forward Head

Sway Back

Good Posture

Neutral pelvic position

Posterior Pelvic Tilt
Flat Back

Pelvic tilts backward. Lumbar spine pulled flat.

Sway Back

Torso shifts backward to compensate. Pelvis shifts forward & tilts backward. Hip & knee joints hyper-extend.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt & Lordotic Back

Pelvis tilts forward. Lumbar spine forced into hyper-lordosis.


Consequences of ignoring Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic pain

Bow legs

Joint pain


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Postpartum Pelvic Restoration


Normal pelvic

Postpartum pelvic

Symphysis pubis

The pelvic ligament is unable to shorten equally after giving birth and becomes more irregular in comparison to prepartum.

Symphysis pubis fails to return to its normal prepartum state, causing women unable to walk in the proper posture or sit comfortably.

Inquire Postpartum Pelvic Restoration Now

See our customer feedback

After 7 sessions


I have been suffering from the pelvic tilt problem since I gave birth 3 years ago. This problem caused pelvic and back pain in my daily life. Then, I came to Yong Kang and sign a 12 sessions pelvic restoration treatment package after consultation with their physician. I can feel the difference after every session, and after 7 sessions I can finally get rid of the pains and regain confidence! 


Kathrine, 34

Who should try Pelvic Restoration? 


Elderly people

High heels lover

Incorrect sitting posture

Jogger & Runner

Post-partum women

Why should you choose us?

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19+ Years Experience

Over 19 years of experience in the industry, we accumulated a wealth of knowledge in treating various ailments using different methods.

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Professional Service

Our team is committed to the complete healing of your body, mind and soul. We have a wide range of TCM services that can be suited to your needs.

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Trusted by 2,000,000 Patients

We are a registered TCM clinic and have served more than 2,000,000 patients over the past 19 years.

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Natural Herbal Medicine

Our herbal prescriptions and treatments are carefully selected to ensure effective yet gentle treatments.

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