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Brand New Cupping Experience

Unlike traditional cupping, Aerobic Cupping adapted rhythmed negative pressure technology, and combines negative ions infusion and high-frequency vibration technology into one, providing a feeling of warmness.


Effective in bringing decompression and relaxation to the whole body, at the same time offering a brand new cupping experience to you.

5 Features of Aerobic Cupping
provide best cupping experience, achieve maximum wellness result 

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Instant Result in 1 session!
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Why do you need Aerobic Cupping?

More than 80% of people do not know that they are having “sub-optimal health” (亚健康) symptoms. Majority of them are white collars female between the ages of 18 and 45.


Common symptoms: Fatigue, poor sleep quality, low metabolism, poor skin condition, body pain from time to time......


With the innovative technology of Aerobic Cupping, the symptoms of “sub-optimal health” condition can be improved significantly in just 1 session!

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See what our customers say after trying Aerobic Cupping

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