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Thaw the Pain of Frozen Shoulder with TCM

Are you dealing with various pain conditions?

We believe that everyone may experience occasional aches and pains in nearly any part of their body. However, from day to day, the pain can actually limit your mobility and reduce your flexibility, strength, and endurance. It can even affect one's physical and mental well-being. 

Hence, you will need effective TCM pain management that can ease the suffering and improve the quality of life. 

The advantage of TCM treatments lies in its ability to treat both the symptoms and root cause of the problem, leaving a lasting effect.

Don't wait anymore! Choose your preferred TCM treatment (Acupuncture or Acoustic Wave Therapy) based on your health concerns today! 

The Golfer's Miracle

Kelvin, a once passionate golfer, struggled with a frozen shoulder that had taken away his love for the game. He tried every treatment and visited specialists, but nothing seemed to work until he discovered TCM Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT). After his first session, Kelvin was surprised to find a significant reduction in pain and he was able to move his arm freely. The therapy not only reduced his pain, but it also gave him back his love for golf and a chance to play the sport he loved once again.

AWT suitable for sports injury 运动损伤, chronic muscle 慢性肌肉, and tendon disorders 肌腱疾病.

Kelvin's journey
pain management

Neck and shoulder pain is a common issue that refers to discomfort, soreness, or ache in the neck and shoulder region. It can be caused by various factors such as muscle strain, poor posture, injury, arthritis, nerve damage, and others.


Understand body condition


Solve and release pain

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Solve and release pain

Christina neck pain

A New Lease on Life

As a lawyer who spends hours in front of the computer, Christina often felt the strain in her neck and shoulders. She ignored the discomfort until it worsened, leaving her unable to move her neck from side to side. With the fear of not being able to care for her daughter, she sought the help of Yong Kang. With a personalized treatment plan based on her body condition, Christina was able to find relief after just a few treatments. She was grateful to be free from the pain and able to focus on her work and daughter.


AWT suitable for neck pain 颈部酸痛, bone disease 骨病, strain disease 劳损病.

neck and shoulder pain

Ease the ache of long hours with relief for your NECK & SHOULDER

  • Arthritis 关节炎

  • Whiplash 颈部扭伤

  • Poor posture 不良姿势

  • Frozen shoulder 肩周炎

  • Pinched nerves 紧张的神经

  • Muscle strain or sprain肌肉拉伤或扭伤

  • Repetitive stress injuries 重复性压力损伤

  • Tendinitis 肌腱炎

  • Neck strain 颈部拉伤

  • Osteoarthritis 骨关节炎

  • Rotator cuff injury 肩袖损伤

  • Repetitive strain injury 重复性劳损

  • Cervical radiculopathy 神经根型颈椎病

  • Stress-related muscle tension 压力相关的肌肉紧张


Wai Ling's Embrace of Freedom

As a grandmother, Wai Ling was heartbroken when her frozen shoulder made it difficult for her to reach for things and even hug her beloved granddaughter. But with the help of a friend's recommendation, she found relief at Yong Kang TCM clinic. The kind physicians and staff at the clinic solved her troubles, giving her the ability to raise her arm with ease. Wai Ling was grateful for the new found freedom and the ability to embrace her granddaughter once again.


Acupuncture helps in rheumatism风湿病, frozen shoulder 肩周炎, and chronic pain 慢性疼痛.

Wai Ling's Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder

Factors increase the risk of developing this condition

  • Age

  • Stress

  • Athlete

  • Poor posture

  • Office worker

  • Physical strain

  • Poor sleep habits

  • Repetitive motions

Sam's Near Miss with a Stroke

Sam was busy with his homework and often looked down, spending hours on his phone. Despite feeling a sore neck and shoulders, he ignored the symptoms, thinking he was young and healthy. But soon he started experiencing nauseousness and unsteadiness, leading his family to take him to a TCM clinic. To their shock, they discovered Sam was on the brink of a stroke. With prompt treatment, Sam was able to make a full recovery, grateful for the quick actions of his loved ones and the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine.


Acupuncture help in migraine 偏头痛, arthritis 关节炎, and cardiovascular issues 心血管问题.

Youth Is No Excuse For Neglecting Neck & Shoulder Health

Ignoring neck and shoulder pain can have consequences and may lead to more severe health problems over time. If the cause of the pain is not addressed, it may persist and even worsen, causing additional discomfort and possibly impacting your daily activities. Additionally, untreated neck and shoulder pain can lead to the development of chronic conditions, such as spinal arthritis or nerve damage. In some cases, it can also cause headaches, affect your sleep quality, and lead to depression or anxiety.

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Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) and acupuncture are usually safe, but may cause mild discomfort. Results may vary and take time to be fully realized. Consult with a professional pratitioners to determine if these treatments are appropriate for you and to discuss any potential risks.

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  • Arthritis 关节炎

  • Migraine 偏头痛

  • Rheumatism 风湿病

  • Chronic pain 慢性疼痛

  • Digestive issues 消化问题

  • Frozen shoulder 肩周炎

  • Neck pain 颈部疼痛

  • Sports injury 运动损伤

  • Bone disease 骨病

  • Strain disease 劳损病

  • Chronic muscle and tendon disorders 慢性肌肉和肌腱疾病

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)

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