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that combines traditional moxibustion and modern technology

This treatment enhances the effect of moxibustion with the use of a high-advanced machine to achieve significant health-beneficial effects in just 1 session.

It uses intelligent control heat therapy to achieve deep penetration in different body parts that address the underlying root causes of various pain and discomforts.

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With the strong firepower and continuous nourishment from our Fuyang Tou Jiu (扶阳透灸), the pure yang from moxa is able to penetrate deeply into the body.


It is able to restore the original Yang (阳), passing through the 12 meridian channels, and circulating throughout the three Yin levels.


Thereby, it could not only for strengthening the antipathogenic Qi, but also for eliminating pathogens. It may also prevent diseases and benefit health care.


Acupuncture has the function of stimulating and restoring the Qi flow in meridians. The more original Qi the body has, the more therapeutic effect acupuncture could deliver.


However, when the body is deficient in original Qi, the effectiveness of acupuncture will be diminished. And oftentimes, people with original Qi deficiency also have problems with indigestion, which affect the body’s ability to absorb the essence of herbal medication as well.


With Fuyang Tou Jiu (扶阳透灸), it can deliver an even better result without the need for digestion or stronger original Qi.

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Understanding your body constitution

Fuyang Tou Jiu (扶阳透灸) concentrates on the Constitutional Factor, the element that most resonates with the individual. When the elements are in balance and the energy, or qi, flows smoothly there is health.


Therefore, understanding how the five elements affects one's health can help our physicians to develop a comprehensive and effective treatment plan to achieve the balance between internal organs and the five elements.

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