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Since 2003, Refresh Group has been dedicated to helping customers with TCM treatments for different body conditions. With decades of exciting growth, Refresh Group proudly extended our service to Refresh Hair & Scalp to help customers combat hair & scalp problems, such as Male & Female Hair Loss, Greying & Whited Hair, Receding Hairline at an early age as well as other scalp concerns that you have lost confidence in looking for a solution!


With a vision for a better experience for our customers, we set out to bring in a new discovery & innovative treatment regime by combining Eastern's therapy with the advanced technology from Western to grow for every person confident who are experiencing hair & scalp problems through professional advice. You do need to act fast to increase your chances of success, we are ready to defeat all of these problems with you! 

100% Clinically Proven Result

Alopecia Areata

(Spot Baldness)



Male Pattern


Thinning Hair

or Early Hair Loss

Why waste money on a false promise?

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click here for a FREE SCALP SCREENING



FIRST hair centre in Singapore that combines Chinese formula and Western techniques

Specializing in Male Hair Loss, Early Hair Loss and Scalp Problems

Over 20years of experienced hair consultant

Combination of Eastern and Western

Hair & Scalp Wellness Centre 

​in Singapore 

Is TCM better than Western treatment in treating hair loss?

With more than 15 years of TCM experiences, we have designed a series of safe and effective hair & scalp programs target different hair & scalp conditions by using Chinese and Western methods.

So how do we achieve these phenomenal results? We never stop investing in the advancement of our specialized treatments of hair loss – in particular, the Chinese and Western ways of doing hair regrowth treatment.  As we know, TCM has a long history of treating hair loss and have a significant effect on both for stopping further hair loss and for supporting regrowth without any side effect. That's why Refresh Hair & Scalp was established.


Refresh Hair & Scalp is the FIRST and ONLY hair centre that adopts the essences of Oriental and Western along with professional hair therapists to help our customers who are experiencing hair loss or scalp problems. We are not your only choice, but the BEST choice.

Our Treatments: When East Meets West



Premium Herbal

Safe &


Treat the root causes of HAIR LOSS





Premium Herbal


Premium Herbal


Premium Herbal



Visible Effect

Instant Result

Painless Treatment

Specializing in hair regeneration


The key to successful hair regrowth is ACT FAST

What your scalp is trying to tell you?

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Tao Dao Tang 头道汤

If you have no have not tried our signature Tou Dao Tang, we promise you, you will love this relaxing hair treatment.

Hair Styling

Provides a full range of services which include haircut, colour, perms, as well as scalp therapy and hair treatments according to your hair needs! 

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