A natural holistic remedy that integrates the TCM meridians massage technique with 60 types of fine herbal elixirs brewed with the age-old, precious recipes formulated by Miao Community for more than 100 years of history in the world.


Refresh Tao Dao Tang made with 100% natural plant ingredients and it has been found effective in increasing hair thickness after 12 weeks of regular treatment due to the result of increased blood flow & oxygen to the scalp, as well as direct stimulation of mechanical force to dermal papillae, a highly active group of cells at the base of the hair follicle that help promote hair growth.


Refresh Tou Dao Tang contributes to healthy, glowing and fast-growing hair in a most effective and relaxing way.

No Chemical 
Clinical Program
100% TCM Herbs
Non Surgical 
No Injection


To make a perfect herbal hair tonic - Tou Dao Tang required more than 4 hours of cooking time. Every half an hour the herbal hair tonic specialist needs to take out the all the herbal tonic ingredients and kneed more than 10 mins and put back into the soup and make sure the herbs are cooked through. 

Our Tou Dao Tang specialist massage your scalp on TCM acupoint, stimulate the hair follicles with warm running herbal tonic on your scalp. 

All these soup essences will be stimulated into your scalp and help to repair your hair follicles. Having a dark healthy thick hair is never a dream.

Current Deals.

Tou Dao Tang | 头道汤

Herbal Scalp Detox Tonic

Ingredients: Chinese Honey Locust, Polygonum multiflorum, Cortex dictami, Codonopsis pilosula, White Poria cocos & 20 types of seedling grass by a high degree of disinfection technique

Suitable for: Slow Hair Growth, Hair Loss, White Haired People, Rhinitis, Allergies, Anemia and other health concerns.

  • Eliminate all chemical buildup

  • Unclog toxic substances

  • Exfoliate dandruff & dead cell

  • Promote healthy & natural hair growth

  • Relieve the itch of scalp

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30 mins | $99.00

Tou Dao Tang | 头道汤

Herbal Follicle Regrowth Tonic

Ingredients: Polygonum multiflorum, Chinese Angelica, lilium brownie, Rehmannia & other 20 types of Chinese herbal medicine undergo zero bacteria operation with high temperature

Suitable for: Hair Loss, White Haired People, Dull Hair, Mentally Depressed People, Migraines, Headaches, Stress and other health concerns

  • Repair & regrow the damaged hair cells

  • Regulate & control of sebum secretion

  • Strengthen the hair roots from within

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Stimulates the lymphatic & nervous system

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30 mins | $99.00