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100% herb-based, Non surgery

Healthy hair starts
at the root:
Discover TCM hair
loss treatments

featuring YONG KANG TCM hair loss herbal formula

A TCM myth to regrow your hair naturally without any chemical substance. Our all-natural TCM Hair Regrowth Treatment is uniquely formulated for people with hair loss or scalp problem

Natural way to revitalize your thicker hair

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4 data points for a personalized understanding of your hair loss

Discover the secrets of your scalp with our 4-point analysis for personalized hair loss treatment. We evaluate your scalp cutin, pH levels, hair elasticity, and hair quality to provide customized solutions for a healthy scalp and fuller head of hair. Trust our expertise to get to the root cause of your hair loss and offer effective, non-invasive treatments or hair restoration procedures

Scalp Scanning

Scalp scanning is an essential diagnostic tool that can help uncover the underlying causes of hair loss and other scalp issues. By examining the scalp's cutin layer, conducting a pH analysis, assessing body constitution, and evaluating hair elasticity and quality, we can obtain vital information that guides us in designing personalized, effective, and sustainable treatment plans. With this more profound understanding of each patient's specific challenges, we can address the root cause of the problem and provide solutions that promote healthy hair growth and optimal scalp health.

Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Hair Loss:

The Importance of Addressing Internal Imbalances

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Scalp Scanning

The main causes of dandruff are a combination of nutritional deficiencies and bacterial and fungal factors.

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Aging Scalp

With age, human collagen is lost, including the scalp, and staying up late, stress, anxiety, etc., will aggravate the aging of the scalp.

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Typically, folliculitis occurs when hair follicles are infected with bacteria, commonly Staphylococcus aureus (staph). It may also be caused by viruses, fungi, parasites, medications or physical injury.

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Clogged Pores

If the scalp is oily for a long time, it will cause the accumulation of oily dirt, the growth of harmful bacteria, blockage of hair follicles, trigger scalp infection, and increase the chance of hair loss.

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Scalp cutin analysis


Cutin is a protective layer of dead skin cells that covers the outermost layer of the scalp and plays a crucial role in protecting the scalp from external damage. Excess cutin can lead to clogged hair follicles and hair loss, while a lack of cutin can impair the scalp's barrier function and make it more susceptible to damage from external stressors.

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Before & After

Result that we are proud of

See what our clients are saying about their experience at Yong Kang TCM:

Don't just take our word for it - join the many satisfied clients who have achieved healthy, full hair and renewed confidence through our personalized TCM treatments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you achieve your hair goals.




Not only stress can lead to hair loss, but other factors like our body constitution analysis. The other factors such as health issues, unhealthy diet, postpartum, anemia, thyroid disease, eating disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc., can also result in hair loss. Here are some body constitution that can cause hair loss:

Every strand counts.

Don't settle for the wrong hair loss method.

Speak to us today.

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Kidney deficiency hair loss


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Emotional depression and hair loss


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Blood heat hair loss


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Blood deficiency and hair loss


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Blood stasis hair loss


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Damp heat hair loss


Don't Waste

Money & Time


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Hair loss products that promise quick results but fail to deliver

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Treatments that may not be effective for everyone and can be costly in the long run

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Scalp embroidery/scalp tattoo as a cosmetic but temporary solution that does not address the underlying cause of hair loss.

Many people who suffer from hair loss turn to products, treatments, and procedures that promise quick results. However, many of these options fall short of expectations, leaving individuals disappointed and frustrated. There are some treatments that may not be effective for everyone and can be expensive in the long run. Scalp surgery is a high-risk and complicated option that should be considered with caution. Additionally, scalp embroidery and tattooing may seem like quick and easy solutions, but they do not address the underlying cause of hair loss and are only temporary cosmetic solutions. At Yong Kang TCM, we offer personalized TCM treatments that address the root cause of hair loss and provide long-lasting results without the risks and disappointments of unreliable options.

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Discover the truth behind your hair
loss for only $10

talk to our TCM scalp
specialist today


Helping you better understand your scalp issues and identifying the true causes of hair loss, we provide solutions by addressing the underlying issues through internal adjustment. It is essential to truly understand the condition of the scalp to effectively address hair loss problems.

  • What is TCM? How does TCM work?
    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used in the treatment and prevention of diseases for over thousands of years. TCM adopts a holistic approach in healing the body and mind. According to traditional chinese philosophy, our health and wellness is linked to the movements of the body's energy, known as Qi and Blood. illness occurs when the flow of Qi and blood is blocked or unbalanced. TCM works by bringing the body back into balance with the aid of different treatments like Tuina, Chinese Herb Medication, Cupping, Acupuncture and others. The imbalance could be caused by internal (emotions,etc) and external (Environment,etc) Today, TCM is also widely used to promote health and improve overall well-being and to complement the treatment of Western medical conditions.
  • How should I prepare for my first visit and what should I expect?
    Every TCM treatment begins with a consultation with our physicians, who will diagnose your condition according to your medical history, pulse and tongue.
  • Where do your herbs come from?
    Most of the herbs in Yong Kang TCM from China. Yong Kang TCM chinese herbs that are extracted and grinded into powder concentrate and packed in sachet form, vacuum pack in China. No brewing required, just mix with hot water, stir and ready to serve. Compared with type of liquid chinese herb high costs and no hygienic. But our chinese herb is hygienic, easy to consume and cost at only $0.85 for single herb and $3.20 for compund herb. Taste bud friendly and provide the expired date and safety to use.
  • How safe is the cupping treatment?
    In case you've been considering getting cupping therapy for a medical or aesthetic issue, one of the first concerns you'll likel have is the safety factor. Rest assured that this healing modality is absolutely safe to use when taken from a certified practitioner. Our therapists and physician will take all necessary precautions including checking with you for contraindications and maintaining the most sterile of conditions for providing therapy.
  • What can cupping treat?
    Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin. Cupping can help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.
  • What is the difference between TCM treatments such as Acupuncture, Tuina, Gua Sha and others? How patient can decide which treatments suitable for them? "
    The tool and technique used, how the patient feels during the treatment, the effect, as well as the length of treatment is different. It depends on the type of condition the patient seek treatment for.
  • Is Yong Kang TCM registered under MOH?
    Yes, all of our TCM physicians are registered under Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB), a statutory board under Ministry of Health (MOH).
  • What will customer feel after an Acupuncture treatment?
    Some people feel relaxes and others feel energized after an acupuncture treatment. But not everyone responds to acupuncture The results will helpful as a means to control a variety of painful conditions. Acupuncture no side effects, so it may be worth a try if you're having trouble controlling pain with more conventional methods.
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