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The Difference Between Regular Cup and Facial Cup and How Does Facial Cupping Works?

Updated: Apr 27

Facial cupping is an excellent form of non-invasive treatment that can work to minimize the effects of sun and environmental damage, and aging. It is completely safe to use since it does not involve surgery and long recuperation time, chemicals or any other potentially harmful and painful procedures.

The difference between Facial Cupping and Regular Cupping

1. Regular cupping is used on the body, Facial Cupping is used on the facial area.

2. Regular cupping leaves marks, Facial Cupping leaves no marks.

3. Regular cupping is applied on the body to relieve pain, while Facial Cupping is applied on the face to stimulate collagen production and promotes a better blood circulation.

4. Regular cupping is left on the body for several minutes thus it leaves marks, Facial Cupping is applied in the gliding motion and provide a high level of comfortability in the process.

Facial Cupping improved the health and appearance of your skin:

1. Stimulates collagen production

As we get older, the elasticity of our skin fades. Stimulating collagen production can help keep skin looking young, firm, and smooth. This will also help with skin regeneration.

2. Eliminates Puffiness

Looking puffy after last night's wine? Facial cupping can help you find your cheekbones again and get rid of those under-eye bags. Cup enough and you may not even need to contour.

3. Enhances Glowiness

The suction of cupping brings blood to the top of your skin, revitalizing your visage. Though your face may get a touch pink or red because of this, it will pass within ten minutes or so. You'll be left with an angelic glow that looks like you've been juice cleansing for months.

4. Helps Product Soak In

The suction of the rubber cup opens up your pores and makes product seep in deeply.

5. Reduces Fine Lines

Wrinkles happen and unfortunately, there's no way to avoid them completely. Botox and fillers are all well and fine, but natural remedies are more sustainable and kind on the body.

6. Lightens Skin Imperfections

If you've struggled with acne, scarring, melasma, or any other discoloration, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the impact cupping has on skin coloration. It may take a couple sessions to notice a difference, but many see changes almost immediately.

7. Shrinks Size of Pores

Who doesn't want smaller pores? Cupping is no joke when it comes to pore shrinkage. You'll notice a difference after the first time. If you're into things like diminishing fine lines and getting a healthy glow, you have to try facial cupping. It's super easy.

⏱️ Results: Immediate

‍♀️ Downtime: No Downtime

⏳ Time: 30 minutes

👍 Pain: No Pain, No Mark

Follow the instructions below and look dewey in no time.

1. Wash your face

2. Apply facial oil

3. Place suction cup on your face and squeeze to initiate suction

4. Move the suction cup around problem areas such as your forehead, crow's feet, jaw, and cheeks, under eyes and eyebrows, on the nose and t-zone, and around your mouth.

5. 30 minutes procedure

6. Apply mask after doing the procedure


For about 30 minutes she dragged a small suction cup—which I can only describe as a clear, rubber, thimble-like device—up the right side of my face.

She would glide it along my neck, cheekbone, or under-eye area, release the suction, and then repeat the move over and over again.

It didn’t hurt—in fact, it felt very soothing, like I was getting a face massage.

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