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2023 Parents' Day Heartwarming Gifts

Updated: May 7

Still struggling with hair loss? With the arrival of Parent's Day, why not give your parents a heartwarming gift that can help alleviate one of their worries?

In celebration of Parent's Day, Yong Kang is offering a special promotion for a 2in1 Herbal Essence DEP Infusion Scalp to show appreciation to all the moms and dads out there! This advanced technology can help reactivate hair growth, control hair loss, and unclog the scalp.

Yong Kang has launched the latest cutting-edge technology to combat hair loss!

Middle-aged individuals are more susceptible to hair loss due to the decline in bodily functions, including blood circulation in the scalp and scalp barrier function. In addition, middle-aged individuals may be influenced by psychological and life stress, which can lead to hair loss.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that hair loss is related to the "liver" in the body. In TCM theory, the liver governs tendons, which are closely related to hair growth. If the liver is not functioning properly, it can lead to poor blood circulation, which affects hair nourishment. In addition, emotional disturbances can also affect liver function and, in turn, affect hair growth.

To prevent hair loss, TCM advocates the concept of "health preservation," which involves adjusting the body's yin-yang balance and enhancing hair nourishment and growth through healthy living habits and diet. TCM believes that dietary therapy can regulate the body, promote hair growth, and commonly used ingredients include black beans, black sesame seeds, mulberries, and other foods that nourish the liver and kidneys, nourish blood, and moisturize dryness.

DermoElectroPoration (DEP) is a new non-invasive skin transdermal technology that can help deliver active ingredients to the hair roots through the skin layer, promote scalp microcirculation, and thereby promote hair growth. At the same time, DEP can also improve scalp condition, promote healthy hair growth, and is a highly recommended option to try.

What is 2in1 Herbal Essence DEP Infusion Scalp?

DermoElectroPoration (DEP) is a new type of non-invasive transdermal delivery technology that can help the active ingredients of drugs or cosmetics penetrate the skin barrier more effectively and directly deliver them to deep tissues. By utilizing specific controlled electrical currents, DEP technology can increase skin permeability, allowing micro and macro molecules to be safely delivered directly to the deeper layers of the skin without damaging scalp tissue or altering drug composition. DEP technology has been certified by the US FDA and is widely used in the medical and beauty fields, including for the treatment of hair loss, skin diseases, and anti-aging. 2-in-1 scalp care refers to the integration of DEP technology with scalp care to promote hair growth and improve scalp health.

Combining treatment with products can better enhance effectiveness!

1. 5 Elements Hair Growth Shampoo

The 5 Elements Hair Growth Shampoo is a hair product jointly developed by certified dermatologists and scientists. This shampoo combines advanced anti-hair loss technology and clinically effective ingredients (including biologics and herbal extracts), which can gently remove dandruff, purify the scalp, and repair dry, fragile, and damaged hair.

Key ingredients of the 5 Elements Hair Growth Shampoo include camellia seed oil, saw palmetto fruit extract, sugar isomerate, 4-terpineol, a complex of multiple growth factors, an antioxidant complex TM, and polygonum multiflorum extract. These ingredients can gently remove dandruff, purify the scalp, repair dry, fragile, and damaged hair, prevent split ends and hair breakage, control dandruff, and prevent early hair loss.

Using the 5 Elements Hair Growth Shampoo can make hair healthier, more vibrant, and can help reduce hair loss and dandruff problems. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types and is a highly effective and gentle hair care product.

2. 5 Elements Hair Growth Essence

The 5 Elements Hair Growth Essence is a product designed to promote hair growth and is suitable for normal, dry, and combination scalp types. It helps promote a healthy hair cycle, increases density, and repairs damaged hair follicles. It also inhibits 5α-reductase to prevent hair shrinkage and baldness. In addition, it can protect hair from external damage, making it look fuller, thicker, and more vibrant.

The main ingredients of this product include exosome therapy, polygonum multiflorum extract, PDRN, antioxidant complex, 4-terpineol, α-glucosylrutin, camellia oil, saw palmetto fruit extract, a complex of multiple growth factors, ginger root extract, and squalene.

Its main benefits include:

  • Helping promote a healthy hair cycle, increasing hair density, and making hair healthier and thicker;

  • Improving the integrity of ECM proteins in the dermal papilla, enhancing hair anchorage, and reducing hair loss;

  • Repairing and activating damaged hair follicles, protecting them from external damage, and slowing down hair loss;

  • Inhibiting 5α-reductase, regulating DHT to prevent hair shrinkage;

  • Reactivating hair follicle stem cells (ORSc) and stimulating hair growth;

  • Helping make hair more youthful and vibrant by increasing the number and size of hair follicles;

  • Extending the hair growth cycle, reducing hair loss, and increasing hair density.


ShopKang now has a buy two get one free! What are you waiting for! Send a heart-warming gift so that parents can enjoy the joy!


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