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I love TCM Facial GuaSha Treatment

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I loved beauty since I was a child. Facial GuaSha is one of the treatments I like in Traditional Chinese medicine. As I grow older, I start to worry about sagging face, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and other skin or acne problems. The great facial scraping invention is my savior! In the beginning, I didn't know as much as everyone. Afterward, I went to understand the benefits in order to improve the face value.

When it comes to Face GuaSha, many people first ask, "Can the face be scraped?" Because it is common to scrape the neck and back. In fact, in addition to these two common scraping parts, friends who pay attention to face value will also choose to do the facial GuaSha. Using a round jade scraping board to scrape not only does not leave any scratches but also makes your skin firm, looks good, and also has a healthy effect.

The benefits of facial GuaSha is anti-aging, promoting metabolism, making the skin rosy and radiant, reducing wrinkles and elasticity. The key points can relieve eye fatigue and prevent eye, ear, nasal and oral diseases. When shaving, the face will feel hot on the skin. That is because the yang in the body drives the heat energy, softens the stratum corneum, and can metabolize toxins on the face. For those with pimples, because the heat can open the pores, small particles of pimples will be scraped out, and immediately after shaving you will see white, shiny, detailed, and elastic skin. Lack of maintenance knowledge, when you enter the middle age, you will find that your face loses the rosiness of your youth, and you have become a veritable "yellow face woman". Maintenance should be carried out early, in addition to scraping can also regulate insomnia, modern people often stay up late and insomnia, through scraping can improve insomnia. Maintenance is already common knowledge. In addition to improving face value, the most important thing is physical health. Compared with Western medicine cosmetology, TCM facial beauty or chinese medicine is safer and has no side effects, and is more and more accepted by the public. TCM cosmetology has a long history and deep roots. Through acupuncture, massage, scraping, and other natural ways, it meets the needs of health and beauty. It is hoped that Singapore will vigorously develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine and strengthen everyone's understanding of traditional Chinese medicine treatment and beauty treatment. BY RUBY Front Desk of Yong Kang TCM Clinic


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