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Can Face Acupuncture Really Make You Look Younger?

Facial Acupuncture is being offered by some practitioners as a natural alternative to face-lifts. It provides an improvement in facial muscle tone and helps minimize lines and wrinkles on the face.

It’s also said to naturally help make the skin look younger, smoother, and all-around healthier. And unlike some of the injection treatments, facial acupuncture not only signs of aging but also improve skin’s overall health.

The science behind facial acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment for full-body and facial treatment.

The difference between body acupuncture and face acupuncture is body acupuncture needle 0.25mm and face acupuncture needle only 0.12mm. Actually, the acupuncture needle is as thick as a strand of human hair and it produces minimal pain.

When doing the face acupuncture treatment all these punctures stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory system, which work together to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells, nourishing skin from the inside out. This helps even out your complexion and promote your skin’s glow. The positive microtraumas also stimulate the production of collagen. This helps to improve elasticity, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.


Acupuncture is used to treat conditions like:

Forehead Lines

Frown Lines

Crow's Feet

Sagging Skin Around The Dark Circles

Decreased Elasticity

Swollen Face

Smile Lines

How much does it cost?

Usual Price: $80

Trial Price (NOW): $60

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