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Benefits of cupping therapy I

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

With a history of thousands of years in China, cupping therapy is an important part of the traditional Chinese medicine and is widely used in the medicine, surgery, gynaecology, dermatology, ENT and other departments through promotion by modern medicine, alleviating and even preventing and treating more than a hundred common diseases. however, cupping cannot be performed under all conditions. Techniques should be followed to take effects, but also know how to perform it in a scientific and effective manner, so that one can apple appropriate techniques to maximize the effects of cupping.

Benefits of Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is applicable to a wide range of symptoms and has certain effects on a variety of diseases, which can be alleviated and treated by synch methods as acupuncture, massage, traditional Chinese treatment, and traditional Chinese medicine. In particular, it has good effects on various painful diseases, soft tissue injuries acute and chronic inflammations, syndrome of wind-cold dampness arthralgia, and symptoms resulting from dysfunction of internal organs and obstruction of internal organs and obstruction of channels.

Research has found that through the suction of the skin, pores, meridians, and acupoints, cupping can guide the transport and distribution of qi in the body, promote qi and blood in meridians, nourish viscera, organs, and tissues, warm the body, stimulate the function of weak viscera, smoothen meridians, adjust the yin and yang balance of the organism, and also adjust qi and blood, thus achieving the purpose of improving health and warding off illness.

The negative pressure generated in the cup during cupping therapy can cause local capillary congestion and even rupture, rupture of red blood cells, epidermal blood stasis, and the phenomenon of hemolysis and then produce a group of histamine and histamine-like substances which will flow all over the body with body fluid, stimulating organs, strengthening their functions and activities, and enhancing the resistance of the body. Stimulation of negative pressure can cause dilation of local blood vessels, promote local blood circulation, improve the state of congestion, strengthen metabolism, change the status of local tissue nutrition, enhance the permeability of vascular wall and leukocyte phagocytosis activities, and strengthen the body’s physical fitness and immune capacity. according to modern medicine, the suction of pressure in the cup to local parts of the body can speed up blood and lymph circulation, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve digestion functions, as well as promote and accelerate the muscles and viscera to excrete and eliminate metabolites.

After long-term practise, cupping therapy, which developed among common folks, has formed such characteristics as verified tools, varied techniques, and wide applicable parts of the body. Therefore, it can alleviate an increasing number of diseases with the expansion of the its scope of indications. Most diseases of the internal medicine gynaecology, traumatology, surgery, dermatology, ENT, and other departments can be alleviated by applying cupping therapy with good curative effects.

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