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#1 Best selling Kidney Booster

Formulated from native raw material in Peru with modern technology to extract higher quality of active ingredients. Rich in proteins and taurine, Yong Kang Kidney Wellness Supplements are effective in maintaining kidney health in good condition.

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Ways to keep your

Kidneys are vital organs to our overall health. To keep them in good shape, there are several daily habits that we should always pay attention to, from the first meal of waking up to the quality of sleep.


With 100% natural ingredients and 10 years of proven formula, Yong Kang Kidney Wellness Supplements help to fill the nutritional gap from our daily diet or unhealthy habits. We are committed to enhance and protect your kidneys at all times.

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Kidney LP_edited.jpg

Different from other kidney supplements, we adopt precious and rare herbs - macamides and macaenes as our main active ingredients to achieve a concentration of 1:100.


Maca is one of the scientifically proven effective herbs which has a long history of medicinal use in Peru. It has been used in the market to contribute to normal fertility and reproduction, and improve hair loss problems caused by hormone imbalance.

Yong Kang Kidney Wellness Supplements is an intense and concentrated formula that is 9 times effective than other boosters. With the concentration of 1:100, our supplement is tested effective in contributing to normal spermatogenesis and maintaining sperm health.

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With over 18 years of experience in the TCM and health industry, Yong Kang Kidney Wellness Supplements is formulated by qualified physicians and it has been proven and used clinically in many clinics and hospitals for more than 10 years. The scientific evidence also claimed that the main ingredient that we use, Maca is a safe and powerful herb to maintain kidney health.


Microencapsulation is the protective technology of encapsulating all the active ingredients into micro particles and prevent ingredients from being oxidized. We use seaweed to replace polymeric material in producing shell for making it easier to be absorbed by our body and allows vegetarian users to consume with peace of mind.

#1 Microencapsule technology made with Seaweed

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Kidney LP (1)_edited.jpg

Ingredient: Each capsule 300mg contains 30g raw maca


Dosage and Precaution

2 capsules daily, or in accordance to physician's prescriptions. In the unlikely event of adverse reaction to the supplement, administration of this medicinal product should be stopped upon discovery of any adverse drug reactions or changes in physical appearance of the capsules.


“I have been diagnosed with oligospermia. After taking the supplement for 3 months, my condition is getting better and now planning for a baby.”

— John, 35 years old

“Feeling my personal health is getting improved since taking the kidney wellness capsule!”

— Mr Liang, 60 years old


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