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Foot spa is not a luxury


but is a necessity

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Established in 2003, Refresh Group is one of Singapore's largest TCM wellness groups. With enthusiasm towards TCM, we are always committed to advocate the benefits of herbal remedies and continue to align our business mission to empower everyone's life with our exclusive herbal formula.


Hence, the expansion of Refresh TCM Wellness was also inherited from the core values of our founder, Mr. Elson Lee. It underpins the way in which we provide a comprehensive and modern herbal therapeutic experience that everyone never had before

18 years of TCM experience since 2003

Customizable Formula for each customer

One-stop Health 
Care Planning

Foot spa helps to stimulate the meridian points and effectively improves blood circulation which can avoid diseases, numbness of hands and feet, and other problems.


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Foot spa dredges the meridian points for the body to absorb the essence quickly and effectively to the body.


With the combination of customized essence and heat stimulation, our body starts to have slight perspiration during the treatment, perspiration helps to avoid discomfort, remove toxins from the body and strengthen the immune function.





Zero concern over side effects. With over 18 years of experience in the TCM & Health industry, we always insist on using natural and 100% purest ingredients to achieve better results!

We use imported fresh ingredients and directly grind the TCM herbs into powder, and add it into the foot  spa essence to ensure optimal nutritional stability for each customer

Different from others, we adopt Double-Boiled Technology to bring a unique foot spa experience in Singapore

Double-Boiled Technology makes the essence even stronger and helps to perfectly and comfortably expand the skin pores which the essence could access easily into the deepest layer of the skin and body due to the transferability of small molecules 

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We have no VIPs here because everyone who walks into our store is our VIP. We've developed a Preferred Function to meet the needs of each customer during the treatment

Customers are allowed to use the provided remote control to adjust the desired temperature and duration at the comfort level

As the pioneer of healthcare service, we are committed to using the right formula to the right conditions. 

All the foot spa essences will be customized by our health manager according to the customer's body constitution or health condition. Up to 100 types of fresh and premium herbs to formulate the perfect ratio for your needs 

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Based on the health analysis, it allows us to personalize herbal tea that features up to 10 types of body constitution - guaranteed to make the perfect cup of tea for you!


  • Body Detoxification

  • Improve Insomnia

  • Enhance Immunity System

  • Improve Sexual Function

  • Balance Hormone

  • Reduce Water Retention

  • Stress Relief

In order to deliver the highest quality and authentic flavour of tea, the raw materials of our tea are freshly imported monthly with the multi-level of quality control and inspection before the finished product

Established in 2003, Refresh Group is one of Singapore's largest TCM wellness groups. All our tea formulas are developed in consultation with our qualified TCM physicians for a health & wellness function!

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