Elson Lee


Refresh Group


Mr. Elson Lee graduated from NUS with an Honors Degree in Economics (2nd Upper) NUS in 1999. He started his career as a business development officer in JTC in 2000 and founded holistic and wellness retail chain Refresh Group in 2003. Refresh Group currently has more than 15 outlets in Singapore.


He always thinks the world's most people-centric company is where people go to feel good, look great and experience a sense of wholesomeness.


The brand promise he always taught about every customer ought to have some level of expectations for our brands.


Our brand promise seeks not just to meet, but to exceed these expectations set forth by them. To us, our success is defined by bringing them the extra C.A.R.E.


We develop the well-being of our staff, customers, and all stakeholders by providing material, physical and emotional support, and do so in a fair and transparent manner.



Last but not least, he heartfelt thanks to all our valued customers because entrusting your health to our Yong Kang TCM Clinic.



We believe in honesty and in loving people. We preserve the spirit of honesty, love, and respect for people whom we work and interact with. We are understanding, fair and approachable, placing love and respect for people at the centre of everything we do.


This is our Refresh core value "Loving people genuinely and sincerely ( (诚信爱人)"





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