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Meet our Founder Mr. Elson Lee
The man on a “global healing” mission! 

Beginning of the Journey


Few men in the world live truly inspirational lives and leave their comfortable space to gain and share the wisdom that transforms lives. Elson is a Singapore-born wellness entrepreneur and a highly-spirited individual aiming to transform people's health globally with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wellness programs and products. Elson's journey inspired many people to realize TCM.  

His experience of TCM foot reflexology in 2003 helped him cope with insomnia issues. Inspired by the fascinating benefits of TCM wellness herbs and techniques, Elson dived deeper into this amazing system to build knowledge of using natural resources to transform people's lives.  


He deserves all the credit for changing the general public's feelings regarding the efficacy of TCM treatment by showing people the power of modern TCM acupuncture, moxibustion and natural herbs


He generated a tremendous response in Singapore by improving people's sleep patterns, body images, and mental health. Through seven years of research, he finally helped people clear doubts about using and turned his brand into the fastest growing TCM wellness group in Singapore.  

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Elson realized that TCM is the best and easiest method to eradicate chronic pain. He found that TCM is making a blustering impact in China as an approved medicinal treatment for frozen shoulder and tennis elbow issues. Elson popularized TCM natural practices/products. His burning desire to build the network of TCM wellness clinics allowed him to expand quickly and use these non-traditional techniques to help the masses.  

People yearn for cost-effective wellness solutions to improve their wellbeing instantly, and this is where Elson has shown them that TCM is second to none. His successful entrepreneurial journey started in 2003 when he planted the foundations of Refresh Body Works in Singapore. He succeeded in planting the foundation of a successful business with an expansion of 30 more outlets in Singapore in 2009 and recruited 200+ employees.  


Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.

Mr. Elson Lee
Founder of Refresh Group

Elson initially served the corporate world while focusing on his passion for building a life-changing wellness business using Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Strengthened with his unparalleled research, his most outstanding achievement is the modernization and advancement of TCM medicine by making it affordable and accessible for the losing public faith in traditional Western Pharmacies or drugs.  

Continued Growth and Success


The success story continues with transforming the company to more TCM based. With constant team expansion in mind, the Refresh Group has developed five different companies: Yong Kang TCM ClinicsRefresh TCM Wellness Centre, Refresh Hair & Scalp Wellness Centre totaling nine outlets countrywide.

The goal was simple and holistic:  It was clear from day one that Elson did not want to build a traditional clinic where people were depleted and never returned. His "never say die" attitude turned rejections into clapping hands. He is striving non-stop to achieve his long-term goal of developing and cultivating a healthy Singapore by providing TCM access to everyone. 

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His arduous work and leadership vision has made Refresh Group the most advanced, innovative, and successful TCM wellness business today. Elson always feels that he can do more to transform the healthcare industry.  


If anyone knows better how to treat TCM chronic pain, it is our Yong Kang TCM Clinic professionals offering high-quality chronic pain treatment. While our TCMBP registered physicians at Refresh TCM Wellness centre offer a range of wellness programs to nurture overall wellbeing.


The Refresher Group is all set to embrace the TCM culture in Singapore and South East Asia. We are proud of our achievements and ready to touch new heights!  

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