Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.

Mr. Elson Lee


There were setbacks, judgments, and rejections about his idea when he started. Regardless of the challenges, Elson Lee only knew one thing- to cultivate a healthy Singapore via traditional and non-invasive wellness treatment. 

It all started with a visit to a foot reflexology center in 2003. Elson was suffering from burnouts, exhaustion, and insufficient sleep from his corporate job. After that visit, he miraculously had a good night's sleep. Doubtful of the impact, he made a second visit to the center in search of more evidence on this treatment. 


Elson was blown away with its benefits when he had another round of restful sleep. Since then, Elson believed in this treatment and share it with his folks who were also suffering from the same health problems with him. However, sharing did not achieve the difference Elson wanted to make. Hence, the took a leap of faith and did the wildest thingthat came into his mind.

2003 marked the beginning of Elson's entrepreneurship journey as a foot reflexology center founder. His first outlet was established in CompassPoint, with only 4 staff members supporting.

Having zero knowledge about reflexology science, Elson dedicated his time to learn everything from scratch. 6 years of hard work had paid off. In 2009, Elson had successfully expanded his business to more than 30 outlets

islandwide and employed more than 200 staff members.

Although his business achieved a remarkable result, Elson noticed something was still missing in the healthcare industry. This question in his heart led him to the new opening door.

Elson went on to establish TCM Refresh Group to provide effective and holistic Traditional Chinese Medical treatment that is simple and accessible to everyone. TCM Refresh Group consists of 2 different arms which are TCM clinic and TCM Wellness. TCM clinic offers high-quality medical treatment given by qualified medical practitioners in the area of TCM. On the other hand, TCM Wellness is a treatment center that offers a variety of wellness programs to nurture one's well being in the long run.

Never would he have thought this new idea of his has revolutionized the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry in Singapore. He and his group of TCM doctors have successfully treated over 4 million cases and no sign of side effects. Currently, he has a total of 5 TCM clinics and 3 TCM Wellness. However, he still aims to expand his business and take it to the next level in the future.

17 years of perseverance and persistence, Elson Lee's outstanding achievement is the result of his commitment and purpose. Though his business has taken to great heights, Elson and his team are not putting their foot down anytime soon. There are still many ideas and dreams to be made into reality. All grounded with one common vision- to make holistic and beneficial TCM treatment services simple and accessible for everyone.



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