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Refresh Bojin Plus




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Refresh Bojin Plus is a treatment that incorporates proprietary Yong Kang MTM technique with TCM-based scraping method helps achieve significant V-lift and provide symmetry to the face. It gently opens up the meridian blockage, paving the way for increased blood circulation and leave your face visually lifted with a youthful glow.

Head Gua Sha is a natural therapy that helps scrape the scalp with a TCM massage tool to help open the acupoints from the head to boost the effect of instant face lifting, promote microcirculation, and dispel toxins built up in the face.

What is Bojin Plus?
Head Gua Sha
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Bojin facial is a well-known TCM approach to help improve skin conditions. It relieves tension in facial muscles and triggers lymphatic drainage that helps to shape and outline the jawline instantly, leading to a more V-shaped and slimmer face.

Dark Circle
Dry Skin
Clogged Pores
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Use the high-quality buffalo horn tool for the treatment which helps to lean up the skin effectively without scratching or damaging the skin. The unique shape designed for its special function, round bead part helps to open up the acupoints around the face area while another edge part of the tool helps to lift the face.

Bojin Tool
Skin Rejuvenation
Blood Circulation
Instant Lift
Reduce Finelines
Reduce Eye Bags &
Dark Eyes Circle
Benefits of Bojin Plus
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Bojin Plus treatment effectively helps to detox from the deepest layer of the skin to promote blood circulation, leaving the skin soft and well-moistured. Unblock the meridians in the skin, making it easier for the skin to absorb external nutrients.

More than 18 years of experience in the TCM field. More than 9 outlets in the islandwide

Treatment is designed by experienced TCM therapists.

Treatment performs by skilled and well-trained TCM therapists.

Copy of Bojin & Head LP (8).png

This is A MUST treatment for every girl. The therapist was very gentle and I felt super comfortable and soothing around my eyes area.

What I love about this treatment is it is non-invasive, has instant results, and super relaxing.

My skin condition is improved, thanks to Refresh for the wonderful treatment.


Bring A Friend and Enjoy $20 off from your treatment. 

T&C Applied. 

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