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You'll love our referral program!!

Families like to share and give back to one another. Since we are now like family, we would like to give you an exclusive gift for every sign up! Start sharing so we can start giving!

Please complete the form below and receive a thank you gift of a $20 voucher from us! 

Have you visited us before?

Thanks for joining us! Please check your inbox or junk emails for the voucher!

Where to redeem?

The $20 voucher can be used in all Refresh Outlet below:
Refresh TCM Wellness
A TCM based slimming and beauty Centre to achieve the rapid results you want with healthy, no downtime and no side effect. We provide a wide range of beauty programs such as Body Slimming, Face Firming & Lifting Treatment, Moxibustion, Customize TCM Facial and Anti-aging treatment.
Refresh Hair & Scalp
A cozy yet professional hair wellness centre provides a full range of services which includes haircut, colour, perms, as well as Signature Hair Loss Treatment and hair treatments with the advanced techniques from Korea and Europe which help to change your mane and your bad hair day! 
Yong Kang TCM Clinic
With over 17 years of clinical experience, Yong Kang TCM Clinic offers a comprehensive range of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for different types of acute and chronic diseases such as migraine, chronic fatigue, women's health, common fatigue, common cough, and flu. 
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