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Is Face Acupuncture Similar to Botox?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

By Physician Lin Yan Ling

You're probably familiar with acupuncture treatments for pain, sleep problems, digestive issues, and even weight loss. But cosmetic acupuncture is different in that it claims to improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow touting the "acu-face-lift" procedure on social media, Some of the customers became more and more interested in this holistic approach to anti-aging (no surgery, no chemicals).

Ever curious as to the latest in health and natural beauty, and feeling very aware of the prospect of wrinkles ever since you turned 30.

Comment from one of customer:

"An acu-face-lift is the natural Botox," the acupuncturist said to me with a smile as he began to place the needles in my face at lightning speed.

The treatment consists of Natural and needles an as thin as a strand of hair.

Needles are placed into the skin at specific points in the body where vital energy is said to flow, called meridians, to improve circulation, unblock "stuck" energy, and help the body to rejuvenate. In face acupuncture, the idea is to place needles around the face at pressure points to evoke minor trauma, which the body will respond to in order to heal.

This minor damage created in the dermis is believed to encourage the skin's own repairing mechanisms to stimulate cell re-growth, which subsequently increases the production of collagen and elastic. More collagen and elasticity in the face equals fewer wrinkles and smoother, more toned skin. Think of the process similar to the way that you create micro-tears in muscle fibers from exercise. Your bodies react to this new trauma of strength training by repairing and rebuilding the muscles worked to recuperate and come back bigger and stronger.

Once the needles were placed in my face, along with a couple of spots around my body to "calm and cleanse other meridians," I lay still for 30 minutes.

Comparatively to Botox or other injectables, face acupuncture doesn't put anything foreign into the body and is believed to instead stimulate the body's natural resources to repair signs of aging. It's also said to result in more gradual, natural improvements compared to more invasive procedures.

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