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Introductory knowledge of TCM TuiNa Therapy

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I am a TuiNa Therapist and health care of Traditional Chinese medicine. I have been in this industry for 17 years. I have some experience in some common diseases and a relative understanding of difficult diseases. I believe that as long as I continue to learn technology To help those in need, the following is a brief introduction to the introductory knowledge of TCM TuiNa.

1. What is TCM TuiNa: Using specific techniques to act on specific parts to achieve the effect of treatment, prevention, and health care, it is called TCM TuiNa. 2 The benefit of TCM TuiNa: Improve meridian, improve blood circulation, promote local metabolism, lubricate joints, support righteousness, and eliminate evil. 3. The appropriateness and contraindications and precautions of TCM TuiNa: (1) Indications: Various soft tissue diseases, dynamic injuries, medical treatment, health care, rehabilitation, and beauty before and after exercise. (2) Contraindications: skin damage, local infection, pregnant women, etc. (3) Precautions, A. Make a clear diagnosis and be aware of it. B. Choose the proper position and location. C. Make a good explanation, be serious, responsible, and have a concept of love. D. Proper methods and appropriate strength. E. Try to avoid sensitive parts for patients. F. Try not to use sensitive acupuncture points for pregnant women. 4. How to achieve a significant effect. A. Familiar with basic knowledge of physiology, pathology, anatomy, and diagnosis. B. Be familiar with the functions of various techniques and master the techniques of manipulation. C. You must practice excellent palpation techniques, which can help diagnose, treat, and prevent mistakes. 5. How can we achieve no or fewer side effects? This requires empathy, a careful and meticulous work attitude, and excellent skills. It is especially important for beginners to avoid using brute force. It will hurt for a few days after the operation. 6. How to use force, no matter how light or heavy, you must learn to massage with weight. This power does not consume physical energy and is exhausted. Specific application: A. You must learn to use your fingers and arms as levers according to the specific situation of the operation. B. Use change pressure to control the weight. C. Be good at using inertia. In addition to the static method, all the kneading, rubbing, pushing, and rolling methods of repeated movements must do this. When the force is exerted, the body is leaned forward, the weight is applied, and how much is tilted, depending on the condition It depends. Repeatedly, the inertial shaking of the whole body is formed. In the process of TCM TuiNa, it is necessary to communicate with customers and cooperate, so as to achieve the best results. By Xu Xiang Ben 徐祥本 Yong Kang TCM TuiNa Therapist

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