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Concept of TCM and TCM theoretical system

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM)is the science about human life, health and diseases which is gradually formed and developed in long-term medical practice under the influence and guidance of the ancient materialism and dialectics. It contains a wealth of theoretical knowledge of syndrome differentiation, treating methods, prescriptions and herb sand extensive clinical experience, and possesses the scientific way of thinking. It is a scientific knowledge system based on natural science knowledge blending with humanities and social scientific knowledge. The theoretical system of TCM is a theoretical system of the basic concepts, the basic theories and the basic ways of thinking of traditional Chinese medicine. Strongly influenced by the materialism and dialectics of ancient China, it is a unique theoretical system of medicine with holism as its dominant ideology, physiology and pathology of human organs and meridians and collateral as its basis, and syndrome differentiation and treatment as its characteristics of diagnosis and treatment.

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