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Natural way to revitalize your thicker hair

Natural and therapeutic TCM remedies outperform in unclogging follicles and strengthening hair roots from within. Our new series of  Signature Hair Regrowth Treatment is delivered deep to the scalp layers by using Acupuncture or Gua Sha, and Herbal Hair Restructuring Spray to promote follicle metabolism effectively and accelerate hair growth. 87.7% of Yong Kang patients saw increased hair growth after just 3 months of treatment.

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Male Hair Loss
  • See the difference in 3 months 

    3 months of concentrate hair treatment includes Hair & Scalp Analysis and Diagnosis, Signature Acupuncture treatment or Gua Sha Treatment, and Herbal Hair Restructuring Spray for kidney, scalp, follicle, and hairline. Purchase this limited-time deal and save up to $400!

    Package Price: $1688 (N.P: $2088)

    Duration: 45 minutes / session

    Total Session: 12 sessions in 3 months


What's include in the package?

Hair & Scalp Analysis and Diagnosis

Scalp Screening and Evaluation

(With TCM Hair Loss Professional)



Duration: 15 mins / session

Rebuild Hair Follicle &

Scalp Revitalization

Signature Acupuncture / Remedial Guasha Massage Therapy

(TCM Hair Loss Professional will customize a treatment plan based on customers' hair and scalp condition)


Duration: 30 mins / session

Limited-time offer!

Hair Repair & Rehydrating

Herbal Hair Restructuring Spray


Usage: Spray a generous amount on the affected area 2-3 times a day at home.


Why it needs 3 months to see the results?


We believe that the main cause of hair loss is blood deficiency. Hair will grow well if there is sufficient blood in the body, and blood in the body is governed by the spleen and the liver. A well-functioning spleen and liver will allow healthy hair growth and shine.

The kidneys also play a role, because the kidneys govern the essence of the body, and this kidney essence is needed to keep one’s hair black. Weakened kidney ‘qi’ and a lack of essence may cause hair to turn grey.

Conversely, healthy hair reflects healthy qi in the liver, spleen and kidneys. That means that just by looking at a person’s hair, we can get an idea of a person’s overall health.

Dry and brittle hair, for example, might indicate a ‘yin’ deficiency or ‘heat’ in the blood, while hair growth in abnormal places, such as the chin, might indicate that blood is not flowing properly.  ​

By understanding the whole patient – beyond his or her hair problems – we seek to restore balance to the body, which ultimately restores hair health. That's why it needs a longer duration for hair regrowth. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Signature Hair Loss Treatment?

Signature Hair Loss Treatment is delivered deep to the scalp layers by using Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment such as Acupuncture or Gua Sha, TCM Hot Herbal Compress, and Herbal Hair Restructuring Spray to promote follicle cell metabolism effectively and accelerate hair growth naturally in just 3 months.

What are the hair and scalp issues that we treat?

We are professional in target male and female pattern hair loss such as baldness, receding hairline, post-partum (baby delivery) induced hair loss, alopecia areata, hair thinning, premature grey hair, dandruff and sensitive scalp.

Why must I commit to 3 months of treatment? Can I visit twice a month instead of once a week?

Nope, we do not recommend you to visit twice a month only. However, we require you to fully commit to the 3 months program to see better results. By being consistent, we are sure that you will benefit from all of the treatment and being treated from the inside out. We promise that you will see the amazing result after remaining committed to the 3 months program.

What is the difference between Yong Kang TCM Clinic and other hair centre?

Yong Kang TCM Clinic is supported by our professional research team and tcmpb registered physicians. Before we come out with the specialized treatment, we will perform numerous experiments on every step of the TCM treatment to make sure it can be delivered in a safe, natural and effective way.

How are the physicians trained?

All physicians are registered with TCMPB under the Ministry of Health. They have undergone intensive training for a period of time and are regularly supervised by senior physicians who are experienced in TCM Hair Loss Treatment.

How much pain is involved in this hair loss treatment?

Many people feel very little to no pain during the Acupuncture or Guasha treatment. During the acupuncture treatment, physicians will insert needles into specific “acupoints” to stimulate hair regrowth by encouraging the flow of qi and blood to the scalp. While during the Guasha treatment, physicians will use a guasha tool to massage the scalp and stimulate blood circulation to hair follicles promoting new hair growth.

Are there any side effects?

Using 100% natural and safe TCM protocol & 100% premium TCM herbs endorsed by our TCMPB registered physicians, our treatments are very gentle and result in no downtime, no much pain, no hurt, and no side effects.

I have had hair loss since I was 35 years old, am I still suitable for treatment?

Yes. Early prompt diagnosis and treatment are critical. This may help to reduce the hair loss condition, accelerate the hair regrowth, and lead to better results.

I have hair loss issues after baby delivery, am I suitable for Signature Hair Loss Treatment?

Yes, as what we have mentioned above, our treatment is performed in a 100% natural & safe way, so it won’t cause any side effects. We will advise you to receive early treatment as it will minimize the chance of further hair loss.

Can your treatment treat itchy scalp and dandruff problems?

Definitely yes. Our treatment is able to exfoliate & refresh the scalp, and eliminate serious dandruff thereby produce refreshing results for you.

Can you promise that the result/improvement/better scalp and hair can be seen in 3 months?

Yes, we promise that you can see the improvement if you are fully committed to the 3 months program. However, we can't make promise for men and women who have hereditary hair loss / go completely bald.

Is the price inclusive of herbal medication?

No, it didn’t include herbal medication. Because the need to consume herbal medication depends on different body constitution.

Are there any tips to maintain healthy hair after the treatments ?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and sufficient sleep. Take herbs that nourish the blood, including wolfberries, red dates, dried longan, Angelica sinensis (当归), Rehmannia glutinosa (熟地黄). Also take herbs which are good for the kidneys, including walnut, mulberry, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi (女贞子),Eclipta prostrate (旱莲草),and Polygonum multiflorum (何首乌).

Who are not allowed to receive our Signature Hair Loss Treatment?

Pregnant women, Patient is in shock, is having or just had a stroke, or a heart attack (acute stage), Patient who just went through a major surgery.

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