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TCM Health Preservation

Updated: Apr 30

What is the importance of TCM health preservation?

Nowadays, many young people in our society are experiencing a series of sub-health symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, and emotional changes due to a stressful environment, unhealthy and irregular lifestyle, which could greatly affect the quality of life. Hence, health preservation is not only for the elderly, it is also essential for young people.

In the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, the highest level of health preservation is to prevent illness before it happens. TCM advocates prevention before illness, prevention of changes into illness and prevention of transmission changes in case of illness.

TCM health preserving is to reconcile yin and yang, dredging Qi and Blood, to achieve the state of Yin and Yang balance and sufficient of Qi and Blood in order to maintain the health of the human body, so what are the health preserving therapies available?

What are the health preserving therapies available?

  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture therapy is a treatment method that stimulates acupoints through acupuncture and moxibustion under the guidance of the theory of TCM to achieve the effect of preventing and treating diseases. It has the function of regulating meridians, harmonizing Yin and Yang and strengthening body resistance to eliminate evil-Qi, and has the advantages of being easy to operate and economical.

  • Ji Yang Moxibustion : Moxibustion refers to the application of ignited moxa leaves or herbs, ironing on the acupuncture points or the affected areas to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment through its warming nature stimulation and the action of TCM herbs. Ji Yang Moxibustion (Fuyang penetrating moxibustion) is a type of moxibustion that applies the pure Yang heat and pharmacological effect of moxa fire to stimulate the body with warmth and regulates the balance of Yin and Yang of the internal organs through the conduction of the meridians, which has the effect of moving Qi and blood, dispelling cold and dampness, reducing swelling and dissipating knots.

  • TCM granules: Chinese herbal medicines are mainly made from flower buds, seeds, fruits, stems, leaves and roots of plants, etc. There are a wide variety of medicinal effects, such as laxative, Qi-regulating, warming drugs, etc. According to the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, Chinese medicine practitioners select suitable TCM herbs and combine them according to the principle of compounding to form Chinese medicine prescriptions. TCM granules is a type of non-decoction TCM granules, which has the advantages of instant dissolving, addition and subtraction according to the disease, easy to carry, and has the same curative effect as the traditional TCM decoction.

  • OxyCup: Cupping method is also known as fire cupping. According to the condition of the patient, apply cupping on corresponding parts to achieve the effect of moving Qi and activating blood, relieve pain, reduce heat and eliminate dampness. Aerobic cupping is a new cupping technology that combines rhythmic negative pressure, negative ions infusion and high-frequency vibration into one, which has the effect of decompressing and relaxing the whole body to improve the sub-health condition.

  • Tui Na: Tui Na is the application of techniques such as pushing, pressing, rubbing, kneading, pinching and patting on the patient's discomfort areas or acupoints to achieve the effect of unblocking the meridians, moving Qi, activating blood and harmonizing Yin and Yang. Paediatric massage is a health preserving method for children by applying techniques to children to stimulate acupoints and meridians in order to regulate the balance of Yin and Yang of internal organs.

  • Gua Sha: Gua Sha is a therapy that uses tools (such as buffalo horn, fire cupping) to scrape on relevant parts, meridians or acupoints, which can effectively improve local microcirculation, dredging meridians, relieve fatigue and increase immune function to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and eliminating pathogens, preventing and curing diseases. Bo Jin is a therapy of scraping at specific parts with a Bo-jin stick, which has the effect of promoting local qi and blood circulation and enhancing metabolism. Facial Bo Jin is able to brighten skin tone, lighten melanin, shrink pores, fight wrinkles, and lift and tighten skin by dredging the meridians of the face.

  • Acoustic wave therapy (AWT): Acoustic wave therapy is a new type of medical equipment, the sound wave energy that emitted can promote the repair process of bones, tendons and soft tissues, which are able to accelerate and cure various acute and chronic pains.


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