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Everything you need to know about back pain

Why do so many people suffer from pain, specifically back pain? Back pain is a very common condition in our life. Back pain can happen because worsen with exercise or prolonged sitting, or be associated with neurological symptoms like numbness and tingling. Let's together understanding back pain through the model of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The perspective of TCM there is three causes of back pain.

External Causes

External causes the back pain refers to six climatic factors include wind, cold, summer-heat, damp, dryness.

Internal Causes

Internal causes back pain due to liver depression, feeling too stress and frustration may cause sciatica and sacroiliac pain.

Independent Causes

The independent causes of back pain can be a traumatic injury, dietary imbalance, and insufficient exercise.

Back Pain relief in TCM

Acupuncture and Tuina

The combination of these two treatments is very effective, and we also received the patient's response is very good, simple and effective.

Acupuncture regulates the blood circulation of the meridians, dispels the cold, adjusts the yin and yang, and clears the obstruction of the meridians to achieve the effect of warming the meridians and relieving pain.

Tuina massage relaxes muscles, relieves muscle spasm, repairs dislocated small muscles, mobilizes blood circulation, opens small nodules of back muscles, very effectively patient prefer for relaxes muscles, relieves soreness, and reduces tension.

Chinese Herb Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based at the patient's physique. It can be used to adjust the body according to the patient's physical condition. The whole body can be used to regulate the body, relieve the evil spirits, relax the muscles, access the meridians, and promote the blood circulation, relieve swelling and relieve pain.

Shockwave Therapy (AWT)

- Increased blood circulation to the region

- Stimulate tissue metabolism

- These effects allow damaged, fatigues tissues to gradually regenerate, thereby promoting healing.





中医 推拿通过推拿手法放松局部肌肉,舒缓肌肉的痉挛,将错位的小肌肉整复,调动气血循环,拉开背部肌肉的小结节,有效的放松肌肉,减轻酸痛,减除拉紧的感觉。


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