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The best TCM clinic in Singapore location

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Refresh Group is a leading healthcare provider with 16 outlets across Malaysia and Singapore. We would like to share with you our current locations in Singapore, which include outlets located in

TCM Clinic South Singapore:

1. TCM Clinic in VivoCity
  • MRT Station: MRT HarbourFront Station

  • Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk - #02-172 (4mins walk)

  • Contact: 65 8930 0508 / 65 6251 4128

2. TCM Clinic in Plaza Singapura
  • MRT Station: MRT Dhoby Ghaut Station

  • Address: Orchard Road - #03-47/48 (3mins walk)

  • Contact: 65 8846 9073 / 65 6733 6344

TCM Clinic Central South Singapore:

1. TCM Clinic in AnchorPoint Shopping Centre
  • MRT Station: MRT Queenstown Station

  • Address: Queenstown - #B1-17 (15mins walk)

  • Contact: 65 8845 4822

TCM Clinic West Singapore:

1. TCM Clinic in Jurong Point
  • MRT Station: MRT Boon Lay

  • Address: Jurong West - #B1A-20C (6mins walk)

  • Contact: 65 8775 2256 / 65 6861 6141

2. TCM Clinic in Holland Road Shopping Centre
  • MRT Station: MRT Holland Village

  • Address: Holland Road - #02-46 (2mins walk)

  • Contact: 65 8931 0191

TCM Clinic Central West Singapore:

1. TCM Clinic in Limbang Shopping Centre
  • MRT Station: MRT Yew Tee

  • Address: Choa Chu Kang Street 51 - #02-05 (9mins walk)

  • Contact: 65 8882 9980

2. TCM Clinic in Yew Tee Point
  • MRT Station: MRT Yew Tee

  • Address: Choa Chu Kang - #01-29 (1min walk)

  • Contact: 65 8775 3415 / 65 6310 7157

TCM Clinic North Singapore

1. TCM Clinic in Sun Plaza
  • Address:

  1. MRT Station: MRT Sembawang

  2. Yong Kang TCM Clinic: 30 Sembawang Dr - #B1-21 (2mins walk)

  3. Refresh Wellness: 30 Sembawang Dr - #03-24 (2mins walk)

  • Contact:

  1. Yong Kang TCM Clinic: 65 8931 0353 / 65 6257 0061

  2. Refresh Wellness: 65 8931 0329 / 65 6752 4424

Central North Singapore:

1. TCM Clinic in Jubilee Square
  • MRT Station: MRT Ang Mo Kio

  • Address: Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-04 (10mins walk)

  • Contact: 65 8931 0351 / 65 6555 6347

Our 11 outlets are conveniently located near MRT stations and inside shopping malls, making it easy for patients to access our services. We are committed to providing our patients with exceptional care and service, and we are excited to continue serving the community with our TCM healthcare solutions.

We offer a wide range of services, including pain management, health care, hair care, and beauty care. Our pain management services include acupuncture, AWT, tuina, cupping, aerobic cupping, guasha, fuyang tou jiu, bojin, and more. We customize treatment plans for each patient after a consultation to ensure they receive the most effective care possible.

Our health care services include herbal bath, herbal foot, Magnetic Slimming Therapy, and womb health treatments, among others. These treatments offer various benefits such as relieving stress and fatigue, improving blood circulation, and enhancing overall health and well-being.

At our TCM clinic, we also provide hair care services, including our signature detox scalp treatment to help patients relax and rejuvenate their scalps. Our TCM hair regrowth treatment is designed to stimulate hair growth, while our hair scanning service helps identify the root cause of hair loss and provides preventative measures.

In addition to these services, we also offer beauty care treatments such as refresh bojin, face acupuncture, face cupping, face guasha, and more. Our physicians are highly experienced professionals who take great care of each patient. Our combined experience in pain management totals more than 50 years, while our tuina expertise spans over 30 years.

Our mission at Refresh Group is to promote the well-being of our patients by providing high-quality, safe, painless, and long-lasting solutions. We use 100% natural herbs to target the root cause of each patient's health concerns and provide treatments that are effective with no downtime.

We firmly believe that our team and services can help more people improve their health and enhance their quality of life. If you require Chinese medicine services, please feel free to contact us or visit our outlets. We look forward to providing you with the best service possible.


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