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Unleashing Benefits: A Secure Journey with O2 Prime Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Updated: 7 days ago

In the realm of healthcare, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has emerged as a powerful tool for revitalization, and the treatments provided by O2 Prime lead the way. Amidst the excitement, concerns about oxygen toxicity may linger. Let's delve into the details to ensure that your O2 Prime experience is not only beneficial but also worry-free, backed by robust safety protocols.

The O2 Prime Oxygen Expedition

  • Temperature Assurance:

    • As the pressure rises inside the high-pressure chamber, so does the temperature. No need to worry; our advanced equipment ensures a comfortable environment with temperatures capped at 30 degrees Celsius during pressurization.

  • Ear Popping Techniques:

    • The sensation of ear pressure is evidence of the pressurization process. Alleviate this feeling by pinching your nose shut, closing your mouth, exhaling forcefully, or swallowing saliva.

  • O2 Prime's Oxygen Symphony:

    • At the core of O2 Prime is a robust 10LPM oxygen concentrator. Extended sessions of up to 2 hours pose no risk of oxygen toxicity. Symptoms like ringing in the ears or visual disturbances quickly reverse upon discontinuation.

  • Considerate Descent:

    • As we gently guide you back to normal pressure, be aware that the temperature may slightly decrease. Your happiness and safety remain our top priority throughout and after your session.

  • Chamber Etiquette:

    • To ensure a safe experience, refrain from tapping or striking the chamber walls. Safety first.

Probability Perspective: The Unique Safety of O2 Prime

Understanding the risk is crucial. In medical-grade 2ATA oxygen chambers, the probability of oxygen toxicity with 100% oxygen concentration is one in thirty thousand. O2 Prime operates at 1.375ATA, further reducing the risk.

O2 Prime and the Reality of Oxygen Toxicity

  • O2 Prime's design virtually eliminates the risk of oxygen toxicity. To date, there have been no recorded incidents of O2 Prime causing oxygen toxicity, and no international literature has been published on the matter.

  • Practical experience in Japan demonstrates that O2 Prime can be safely used for durations exceeding four hours, further affirming its outstanding safety and reliability.

Oxygen Toxicity Probability: A Truth Not to Be Overlooked

When discussing the probability of oxygen toxicity, it's noteworthy that patients solely using a nasal cannula, oxygen mask, or NRB mask are more prone to oxygen toxicity. In comparison, O2 Prime's secure design makes it an ideal choice for efficient therapy, significantly reducing the risk for patients.

Clarifying Misconceptions about Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers: Low Risk of Toxicity

Sometimes, there may be concerns about the risk of toxicity when using hyperbaric oxygen chambers. However, it is worth clarifying that the probability of toxicity in hyperbaric oxygen chambers is extremely low. This is primarily because the oxygen concentration in the human body and blood can reach 95%, making it challenging for toxicity to occur even in a high-pressure oxygen environment.

Handling of Oxygen by Blood: When a large amount of pure oxygen enters the body, the blood processes this oxygen, dissolving it in the plasma to ensure that oxygen supply to the body does not become excessive. This physiological regulatory mechanism ensures the safety of hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments.

Potential Impact: Although inhaling oxygen is not entirely harmful, excessive intake may lead to the generation of oxygen free radicals, which can attack proteins and DNA, causing a range of issues. This includes cell damage and oxygen toxicity, but such occurrences are rare under normal usage.

Population Inhaling Carbon Monoxide: For individuals who have been inhaling carbon monoxide over an extended period, hyperbaric oxygen chambers are considered a boon. By providing a high concentration of oxygen, these chambers effectively eliminate carbon monoxide, helping individuals recover from potential toxic effects more rapidly.

When using hyperbaric oxygen chambers, it is crucial to do so under professional supervision to ensure a reasonable oxygen concentration and treatment effectiveness. Such treatments are generally safe for most individuals, with a very low risk of toxicity.


Carbon monoxide (CO) is primarily produced during the incomplete combustion of organic materials. Inhalation of CO is associated with environments related to the following circumstances:

  1. Incomplete Combustion: When organic substances such as wood, natural gas, or petroleum products combust in inadequately ventilated spaces, such as poorly ventilated homes with appliances like furnaces, gas water heaters, and gas stoves, carbon monoxide can be generated.

  2. Vehicle Emissions: Internal combustion engine vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.) emit gases containing carbon monoxide. In enclosed spaces like garages or parking lots, particularly during vehicle operation, concentrations of carbon monoxide may elevate.

  3. Tobacco Smoke: Tobacco smoke also contains carbon monoxide. Smokers may be exposed to carbon monoxide during smoking sessions.

  4. Industrial Processes: Certain industrial processes and production activities can also generate carbon monoxide. Workers in industrial facilities, especially in poorly ventilated areas, may face the risk of exposure.

  5. Fires: Fires are a conspicuous source of carbon monoxide, as burning materials release substantial amounts of it. Additionally, the consumption of oxygen during a fire can contribute to carbon monoxide production.

Golden Balance: 93% Pure Oxygen and 60-Minute Sessions

Oxygen concentration plays a crucial role in both treatment effectiveness and safety. O2 Prime's machine provides 93% pure oxygen during a 60-minute session. This carefully calibrated balance optimizes oxygen levels without entering the potentially risky territory of oxygen toxicity.

Controlled Exposure: Duration and Frequency

Research consistently emphasizes the importance of managing the duration and frequency of high-oxygen therapy to mitigate potential risks. O2 Prime adheres to these principles, limiting each session to 60 minutes and recommending a balanced treatment frequency. These measures align with established safety protocols, contributing to the overall health of individuals undergoing O2 Prime therapy.


A Reassuring Journey: O2 Prime's Commitment

At Refresh TCM Wellness, we are dedicated to providing you with a reassuring journey through high-oxygen therapy. O2 Prime not only revitalizes your body but also takes responsibility for your safety and health. If you have any concerns or questions, our professional team is ready to support you, ensuring that your O2 Prime journey is comfortable, secure, and filled with confidence. Embark on your rejuvenation odyssey with O2 Prime at Refresh TCM Wellness – where the power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy meets the assurance of safety.


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