Is Neck Pain really a concern?

According to a Straits Times publication on Head and Body Pain, neck pain is one of the most common areas that sufferers experienced their pain. What’s more concerning is that head and body pain cost Singapore’s economy $8.4 billion each year, according to a global study.

Neck pain is undeniably a very common health problem in today’s society. In fact, the incidence of neck pain continues to rise, especially in the adolescence and young adult population. However, a study showed that more than half of the people in Singapore suffer their pain in silence, while one in three ignores his pain.

With over years of experience, physicians at Yong Kang TCM Clinic has identified the most common muscles affected by neck pain are:

  1. Sternocleidomastoid muscle

  2. Levator Scapulae muscle

  3. Trapezius muscle

  4. Rhomboid muscle

While the individual chose to ignore the pain and discomfort, the microdamage within the neck continues to worsen. In mild cases, the range of motion is restricted and hence affects the person's normal neck movements.

Have you ever thought about what serious problems you would face if the condition progresses further? i) Bony spurring (osteophytes) ii) Disc damage iii) Calcium can deposit within the ligament iv) Worsening of the spinal alignment v) Severe disability vi) Affect work productivity vii) Significant impact on the healthcare cost

Based on Refresh Group’s experience in successfully treating over 2 million clients since 2003, we would like to suggest some ways to help relieve neck stiffness and pain as well as methods to prevent the pain. Feel free to jot down these important notes and implement them in your daily life as soon as possible!

Change your lifestyle pattern now, Don’t be sedentary anymore

1) Pay attention to your body posture

Be mindful and put in an effort to improve your posture. Focus on keeping the neck, shoulders, and back in a straight line (you will have natural curves in your cervical, thoracic, and lumbar areas) throughout the day.

2) Improve posture while sleeping

Choose the right pillow height based on your sleeping position. A pillow is supposed to keep your head and neck in an aligned position to ensure proper spine alignment during sleep.

3) Correct your bad smartphone posture

While using your smartphone, raise it up instead of bending your head to look down. Your head should be in a healthy neutral position to avoid all sorts of neck problems.