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5 myths about postpartum you are not aware of 


Do not get off the bed?! DO NOT MOVE!?

we encourage mommies to do some gentle movements even lying on the bed, this will helps to improve blood circulations and reduce fluid retention.

Natural birth recovery period 2-3 days

Cesarian recovery 7 days.

During this period of time, heavy weight lifting or high-intensity cardio exercise is strongly not recommended.

this might be caused Vaginal bulge or Uterine prolapse

2. Must cover tight! Wear more clothes!

Singapore is a humid country, yes we do not encourage mommies to stand in front of the air con, but if you over covered it will increase the risk of getting heatstroke.

3. Do not shower!? Do not touch water!?

During the postpartum period, there are excessive fluid needs to eliminate from mothers’ bodies, so they perspire a lot, besides active perspiration, the mother's body also elimination of lochia after delivery. For hygiene purposes, mothers should shower/ wipe the body normally.

Natural birth - as long as mommy physically recovers, having a shower is fine. No soaking in a hot tub till the wound is fully recovered.

Cesarian - Wiping the body with warm water is the only option until the wound is recovered.

4. Do not brush your teeth?

Mommy will be lost calcium and immunity system will be weaker after giving birth. ​

so keeping the gums area clean is very important.

losing calcium, loose teeth, and dilate capillaries are common! Mommy might experience gum bleeding, therefore choosing a soft brush is better for mommy's gum.

5. I just give birth, I need more food!??

after giving birth, mommy needs more energy to produce milk for the baby. However, choosing the right food is the key. Iron and calcium are the best for postpartum mommies.

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