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TCM Video Consultation

Our service makes TCM simple and closer by connecting you with our professional Yong Kang TCM registered physician wherever you are. 

Stay home. Save time. Stay safe

Why Video Consultation?

Yong Kang TCM is committed to providing care and working toward containment of COVID-19.

We offer a virtual-first strategy to rapidly respond, treat, and minimize the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

  • save time, no queue in the clinic

  • improves access to medical care

  • flexible and convenient

  • allows for easy management of chronic illness

How is this work?

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Make an appointment 

Video consultation with a physician

Prescribed TCM herbs

Delivery to you

Not sure how?

Let us help with a few tips and tricks:

  • Fill up all the necessary information.

  • Select physician

  • Pick a date and time

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01. Book your appointment

Tip 1: book your appointmnt
02. Make Payment
  • an appointment confirmation email will send to you within 24 hours.

  • please note that certain conditions that require emergency medical attention are NOT suitable for a video consultation. 

  • each consult carries a flat fee of SGD $20. payment method.

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Tip 2: make payment
  • log in 10mins earlier.

  • get ready all your questions

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03. Video consultation
Tip 3: video consultation
04. TCM Medication
  • prescribe TCM herbs.

  • issuance of a medical certificate. subject to physician discretion.

  • consultation record will be emailed to you. 

05. Delivery
  • TCM herbs will be delivered within 24-48 hours.

  • Free of charge

Tip 4: TCM Medication
Tip 5: delivery
Book Your Video Consultion
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable ​for video consultation?

  • Anyone who is seeking TCM treatment for non-emergency illnesses.

  • Patients below 16 years old, please ensure you have a parent/guardian (who must be at least 21 years old) present with you during the video consultation.

  • The guardian has to show his/her valid ID (eg. NRIC, passport, etc) to the physician at the start of the teleconsultation.

Who are Yong Kang Physicians (Click here to see their profiles)

  • All Yong Kang physicians are registered under TCMPB and MOH.

  • English/ Mandarin speaking.

What are the common condition suitable for video consultation?

  • Headaches and migraine

  • Fever, cold and flu

  • Diarrhoea and constipation

  • Cough and sore throat

  • Rashes and skin irritation

Conditions that require emergency medical attention are not suitable for video consultation. 

What is the common condition not suitable for video consultation?

  • Visual disturbances

  • Dizziness

  • Chest pain

  • Breathing difficulties and asthma

  • Abdominal pain with fever

  • Diarrhoea with black stools

  • Fever for more than 3 days

  • Urinary or bowel incontinence

  • Pregnancy complications

  • Any injuries

  • Bleeding from any wounds/injuries

  • First consultation for chronic illnesses

Can I get Medical Certificate from Yong Kang TCM Clinic?

yes, subject to physician discretion. 

What should I do after a video consultation?

we will arrange your medical herbs to be delivered to your house with 24-48 hours. 

How much is the herbs delivery fee?

Free of charged

How much is a video consultation?

Each consult carries a flat fee of SGD $20, with TCM medications charged separately.

What is the payment method?

PayPal, credit cards and PayNow 

What are the things I should know during video consultation?

  • A quiet environment will improve the quality of the consultation.

  • All consultation will be held on time.

  • Each consultation takes around 20-30 mins

What are the things I should prepare before a video consultation?

  • Laptops/ desktop/ smartphones/ tablets with camera and mic 

  • headpiece (optional)

  • and yourself 

Frequently asked questions
Payment method
Things i should know
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