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World-class slimming and beauty centre with advance TCM techniques.

Refresh Beauty & Slimming

Wellness Centre

Refresh Wellness centre is known as a TCM based slimming and beauty centre. 

Our goal is to make TCM simple and closer to you. 

In Refresh we have designed many different programs for different body constitutions with advance TCM methods. 

We believe with TCM herbs, we can help you achieve the results you want with healthy, no down time, no side effect and rapid results. 



Beauty treatment with modern TCM method. International and TCM  trained therapists.



First created modern TCM slimming program. No side effects, result-oriented and effective.



International TCM registered physicians and highly TCM trained healthy manager



World-class TCM based slimming and beauty program. 100% natural and safe.



Treatments and programs are designed with TCM registered physicians. Non-invasive, no drugs. 



A highly disinfected environment with UV and Ozone.

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Trim It Slim

Body Slimming, Toning & Sculpting 

Treatment Duration

30 -60 mins


 fluid retention, loose skin

We offer painless, non-invasive, non-surgical, yet long-lasting slimming wellness treatment.
With decades of experiences, we have designed a world-class TCM based slimming program with our TCM registered physician and highly trained slimming health manager.
We do not just get rid of your fats, with TCM herbs and advance TCM method not only it helps to achieve
your ideal weight and body shape but also improve your overall well being



Improve health and beauty from within

Treatment Duration

30 -60 mins


fluid retention, loose skin, dull skin,, thick upper back, blockage

This is the most popular treatment. Refresh moxibustion does not just helps to relax our muscles, in Refresh, our Moxi trained health manager uses this treatment helps client to reduce weight and improves the skin conditions. 

The highlight of this treatment is the customization Moxibustion products. Every steps are customizable for different type of skin and body conditions. 

We are confident that with just one session, you can definitely see the result.


Tou Dao Tang

Improve general health from head and hair

Treatment Duration

45-90 mins


Tou Dao Tang head treatment for balance Qi and YinYang, recuperate through meridian

Refresh Tao Dao Tang made with 100% natural plant ingredients and it has been found effective in increasing hair thickness after 12 weeks of regular treatment due to the result of increased blood flow & oxygen to the scalp, as well as direct stimulation of mechanical force to dermal papillae, a highly active group of cells at the base of the hair follicle that help promote hair growth.

Detox & Flush

Holistic Detoxification Slimming Program

Treatment Duration

30 -60 mins


stubborn fats, heavy bottom

Detox and Flush focus on stubborn fat and fluid retention. Our TCM slimming research team designs this program with registered physicians by using authentic TCM methods to remove unwanted fats effectively and helps to achieve your ideal body
shape with no downtime and side effects.



Customize  TCM Facial

Treatment Duration

30 -60 mins


sluggish, acne, dull  skin. Anti aging program.

For all age

Many people wonder how TCM can improves our skin? If you already tried many different products or other aesthetic machine treatments and yet to achieve your ideal porcelain skin, that is because your body is telling you, "I am Not Okay". 

We are not referring sickness here, we are talking about TCM Yin and Yang balancing. 

Refresh facial doesn't just clean your skin. We work hard to balance your body's Yin and Yang with morden TCM method. 


Herbal Bath

Relax and detox with herbal essence

Treatment Duration

90 mins


Herbal bath helps relax the body, remove toxin, and absorb herbal essence

Refresh Signature Herbal Bath includes 10 different ingredients for different functions to recuperate the whole body from outside to inside. The steps of dredge (通), excrete (排), tonic (补), recuperate (调) help to remove stubborn toxin from the body.

Family-friendly bath tub and herbs are suitable for people from age of 10 to 60, it is good to have a relaxing and detoxifying herbal bath while having a parent-child moment.


Hippie Firm

Firm and Lifted Hips are never a dream.

Treatment Duration

30 -60 mins


heavy bottom, cellulitis

“Hips don't lie”, hips act as a mirror of the body, it reflects problems in various parts of our body that are
caused by toxins or hormones.

In TCM, we believe in 通 unblock,调 balance,补 supplement , 固maintain. Our health manager
required a very advance TCM skill and technique to perform Hippie Firm treatment.

Active Senior Couple

Anti Aging 

Reverse . Revitalize. Rejuven. Refresh

Treatment Duration

30 -60 mins


Non surgical anti aging program.   From head to toe transform

We often said age gracefully, yes we totally agreed with that. We do not provide any surgical anti aging treatment. However, we are excited to let you know, we have worked out an anti aging program with our TCM physician. HOW TO MAKE YOU LOOK AND FEEL YOUNG WITH TCM METHOD. 

From head to toe even diets. Anti aging doesn't mean live without wrinkles. Anti aging means, age gracefully yet you feel good and looking good for yourself. 

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