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Wellness Treatments

Back Massage



1.Relieve stress

2. Reduce anxiety

3. Manage low-back pain

4. Boost Immunity

5. Sleep better

Full Body Massage



1. Relief of pain stiffness

2. Better circulation

3. Tougher immune system

Meridian Treatment



1. Relieve muscle problems

2. Reduce stress

3. Improve emotional stability

4. Hormone balancing

Lymphatic Drainage



1. Skin desquamations (Exfoliation)

2. Increase blood/ Lymphatic circulation

3. Improve immune system

4. Reduce fluid retention

5. Detox

6. Slimming 




1. Improves arthritis pain 
2. Boosts immunity
3. Benefits gynecological issues and help menstrual pain
4. Improvements in headaches and decrease in migraines
5. Improvements from digestive complaints 

Hip Therapy



1. Restores movement in the hip area

2. Strengthen joint and hip muscles

3. Reduce pain and swelling

4. Improve blood circulation

5. Prevents the formation of  blood clots

Moxibustion Treatment (30mins) 

This treatment is suitable for those who have chronic pain including back, neck and internal health conditions.

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We have a total of 4 wellness centers

White Sands


61 Pasir Ris

Central Street 3, 

Singapore 518457

6582 0455

8931 0324

Plaza Singapura


68 Orchard Rd, 

Singapore 238839

6733 6344

8846 9073

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"Tried the moxibustion and lymphatic drainage massage. The massage uses Long rhythmic massage and it’s very soothing and satisfying. The masseur was very knowledgeable and friendly. I have made my next appointment with them. Thumbs up. 👍"

Jan 2020

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"Highly recommend their lymphatic drainage therapy, can feel the lightness from body after the session. Therapist focused on problem areas such as waist, thighs & hip. Looking forward to my next session!"

Jan 2020

"I commend Ken on his wccellent service. He is very friendly. I like the way he deliver his massage point. He is very good.
I have known Ken since 2009 at Loyang Point branch. Wherever he goes orcassigned, I followed him. Thanks a lot Ken. Keep it up! Good job. Well done

Jan 2020

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