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  • President Xi Jinping has praised it as a ‘treasure’ of Chinese civilisation and more than 90 per cent of Covid-19 patients in the country have been given it

  • Beijing is now keen to promote its use internationally, but some scientists have warned there is no evidence to prove it works

Beijing pushes traditional Chinese medicine as coronavirus treatment despite questions over benefits
Published: 10:31pm, 23 Mar, 2020

Hong Kong (CNN) Xiong Qingzhen, a drone engineer in the central Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, spent more than two weeks in a makeshift hospital in February receiving treatment for Covid-19, the respiratory disease causing a global health crisis.

Every morning and evening, the 38-year-old was handed a bag of brown soup .....

Beijing is promoting traditional medicine as a 'Chinese solution' to coronavirus. Not everyone is on board
Updated 0713 GMT (1513 HKT) March 16, 2020
  • Ancient remedies play a complementary role to Western drugs in fighting the potentially deadly infection, officials, doctors say

  • But others say TCM works only as a placebo and that people who say they have benefited would have recovered anyway

Coronavirus: 85 per cent of patients in China benefiting from traditional Chinese medicine, officials claim
Published: 10:00am, 28 Feb, 2020

While Western drugs are being used to treat patients with the coronavirus, Traditional Chinese Medicine is also playing a role. China's government is encouraging physicians to combine the approaches. CGTN's Hendrik Sybrandy reports from the U.S. state of Colorado.

Traditional Medicine helping in COVID-19 fight

Feb 29, 2020

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners say an ancient remedy has proven highly effective as a treatment for COVID-19-induced pneumonia. But some patients remain wary.

Since being sent to the front lines of China’s battle against COVID-19, Dr. Yan Fang has handled many difficult cases.

Doubts and Decoctions: TCM on the Coronavirus Front Line

Mar 24, 2020 

BEIJING (BLOOMBERG) - China is administering its centuries-old traditional medicine on patients affected by the coronavirus disease, a top health official said.

Treatment in Wuhan hospitals combine traditional Chinese medicine, popularly known as TCM, and western medicines, said Mr Wang Hesheng...

China using traditional Chinese medicine on coronavirus patients

FEB 15, 2020, 12:45 PM SGT



2020年 2月 14日

Traditional Chinese medicine has been playing a critical role in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of novel coronavirus pneumonia in China.

Official figures showed that 91.6 per cent of the patients in Hubei province, and 92.4 per cent of patients nationwide have been treated with TCM.

6 TCM recipes to combat Covid-19

MARCH 24, 2020




2020-03-11 10:03:54

SINGAPORE: From May 12, all traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) halls will be able to sell retail products, said Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong on Friday (May 8).

Currently, only about 130 TCM halls with registered practitioners are allowed to sell retail products. They had been given the green light to do so on May 5, after...

All TCM halls allowed to open from May 12 after review of circuit breaker measures

08 May 2020 06:58PM(Updated: 09 May 2020 02:10AM)

How are the bottled herbal drinks you buy at food courts and supermarkets different from the TCM remedies prescribed by certified physicians? Can you mix TCM with conventional meds? CNA Lifestyle speaks to some experts.

With an ever-evolving COVID-19 situation on our hands, it is only natural that many of us are on

Turning to TCM to boost your health? Here's what you should know


  02 APR 2020

Traditional Asian healing practices have fuelled the growth of the global wellness industry. Here, we trace these ancient therapies’ evolution to modern-day remedies – and reveal where to experience the best treatments.

Long before the term wellness was coined or the concept of a luxury spa as we know it existed,

These ancient Asian healing techniques are making a major comeback


To boost immune systems, some parents have started planning stops at the TCM clinic before dropping the kids off at the daycare centre.

For some parents, helping their children recover from coughs and colds means taking them for paediatric tuina by the sinseh. Chen Yingqing, who has been doing that for her five-year-old son since he was two, is one of them.

TCM for kids? Some parents are taking an alternative approach to paediatric wellness


  05 MAY 2019

To tackle high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, TCM takes a holistic and customised approach.

Singaporeans are no strangers to the “three highs”, which refer to the trio of chronic metabolic conditions – high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These conditions are known to increase one’s risk of developing serious

Managing the 3 highs with TCM

18 Sep 2018 10:30AM

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