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We use only decocting-free granules

Concentrated TCM granules has proved to be even more potent than traditionally-prepared medicinal decoction. It can be easily dissolved in boiling water in just 5 minutes.

Quick, Simple, Convenience

Think about drinking TCM medicine as easy as 123! Modern concentrated TCM granules are producing in a most convenient form for kids or adults who dislike the taste of Chinese medicine. Yong Kang concentrated TCM granules even contain up to 8x concentration in just a cup of prescription!


First in Singapore:

Innovate Concentrated TCM Granules

Forget about spending time in unnecessary decoction and heat adjustment, Yong Kang TCM Clinic uses the modern concentrated TCM granules which is 8 times higher in concentration than others on the market and dissolve perfectly in water just like instant coffee.

Due to quality standards, clinical efficacy and safety of concentrated TCM granules, Yong Kang TCM Clinic was the FIRST TCM Clinic in Singapore to adopt modernized extraction and concentration technologies to replicate the traditional method of preparing medicinal decoction. Our products contain no sugar and no preservatives. All products are tested for heavy metal and monitored under strict quality control practices.


We take Medication Safety as our Top Priority 

To ensure that the product quality reaches the standards of "safe and effective", we worked with Yi Fang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd due to their unprecedented quality and technology in Chinese Medicine since 1993. They strive to conducts systematic studies on the production, quality standards, clinical efficacy and safety of TCM formula granules, and lays a solid technical foundation for the long-term development of Yifang TCM granules.

Aside from achieving widespread recognition among consumers, YiFang Pharmaceutical, the country's largest TCM granule producer was awarded as the first batch of "pilot production enterprises of TCM formula granules" approved by China Food and Drug Administration, and won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award issued by the State Council in 2011.

From Raw Herbs to Yong Kang Concentrated TCM Granules 


 Conducted quality check to make sure only premium grade of herbs is used in decoction process


Concentrated and Extracted the active ingredients by using low temperature 


Low temperature vacuum drying or spray drying will be applied during this step to achieve the optimal concentration


Granulated by a proprietary procedure to ensure efficacy , quality and stability of its active ingredients 

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Our Products

To Drink.png
Granule Form

A decocting-free TCM herbs produced by modern pharmaceutical technology in convenient form to drink as easy as instant coffee

To eat.png
Capsule Form

Made with 100% pure plants capsule by encapsulation technology to minimize unpleasant tastes and protect active ingredients from being oxidized

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