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YONG KANG TCM Refresh Womb Health

Refresh Womb Health 暖宫卵巢修复护理

Treatment included Consultation 15 min + Refresh Womb Health 45 min 治疗项目包括问诊 15分钟 + 暖宫卵巢修复护理 45 分钟

  • 1 h
  • From 523 Singapore dollars
  • Sun Plaza #03-24 ( Refresh TCM Wellness)

Service Description

暖宫卵巢修复护理是一种传统的中医保健方法,主要针对女性的生殖健康。这种方法通过促进骨盆腔的血液循环,改善宫寒症状,调整体质,提升子宫功能,排毒祛瘀,调节经血,养血抗炎,活血美颜等多种作用,有助于舒缓腰酸背痛等不适症状,同时也能提高女性的生殖健康水平,促进身体的健康。 暖宫卵巢修复护理的主要原理是通过温热的手法和中草药疗法,温暖女性的子宫和卵巢,促进血液循环,增加氧气和营养物质的供应,提高器官的新陈代谢能力,从而达到调整身体机能的目的。这种方法不仅可以缓解女性的痛经、月经不调、子宫脱垂等妇科疾病,还可以改善肌肤质量,延缓衰老,增强免疫力。 总之,暖宫卵巢修复护理是一种安全、有效的中医养生保健方法,可以帮助女性调节身体机能,促进生殖健康,缓解不适症状,提高生活质量。 Refresh Womb Health is a traditional Chinese health method that focuses on women's reproductive health. This method works by promoting blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, improving symptoms of cold uterus, adjusting the body constitution, enhancing uterine function, detoxifying and promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation, nourishing blood, anti-inflammatory and repairing, and promoting beauty by activating blood flow, all of which can help alleviate discomfort such as lower back pain, and also improve women's reproductive health and promote overall bodily health. The main principle of Refresh Womb Health is to warm the uterus and ovaries of women through warm techniques and Chinese herbal therapy, promote blood circulation, increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients, and improve the metabolic capacity of organs, thereby achieving the goal of adjusting bodily functions. This method can not only alleviate gynecological diseases such as dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, and uterine prolapse in women but also improve skin quality, delay aging, and enhance immunity. In summary, Refresh Womb Health is a safe and effective traditional Chinese health method that can help women regulate bodily functions, promote reproductive health, alleviate discomfort, and improve quality of life.

Cancellation Policy

1. Secure your appointment with a $10 non-refundable deposit. 2. If you can't attend, we'll keep the credit for one year or transferable to others. 3. Exclusive online promotions are for online bookings. 4. Appointments depend on our schedule, but we'll try to accommodate your preferred time. Alternatives will be suggested if needed. 5. Your chosen treatment may change after the physician assessment, with additional charges. 6. All Price has included physician assessment fees of $25 for first-time customers / $20 for repeated customers at Yong Kang TCM Clinic and $35 for first-time customers / $25 for repeated customers at Refresh TCM Wellness. 7. Mandatory physician assessment fees of $25 (Yong Kang TCM Clinic) and $35 (Refresh TCM Wellness) apply for first-time or repeated customers after 6 months. 8. All prices is subject to prevailing GST. 1. 预约需支付$10不可退的订金。 2. 无法如期完成预约,我们将为您的订金保留一年或可转让给他人 3. 独家网上促销仅适用于在线预订。 4. 任何预约更改取决于我们的时间表,如有需要,我们将提供其他替代方案以满足您的时间要求。 5. 您选择的治疗配套可能会依据医师专业评估后有所变化,额外服务将收取额外费用。 6. 所有价格已包含(永康中医诊所)$25首次访客 / $20回访顾客和(Refresh TCM中医养生中心)$35首次访客 / $25回访顾客的医师评估费用。。 7. 首次或6个月后再次访问的顾客需支付$25(永康中医诊所)和$35(Refresh TCM中医养生中心)的医师评估费用。 8. 所有价格均需缴纳消费税。

Contact Details

  • Sembawang Drive, Refresh TCM Wellness@ Sun Plaza #03-24 ​, Singapore

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