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Hourglass Body Contouring纤腰瘦身

3session only $39.90 3次体验只需$39.90

  • 30 minutes
  • 39.90 Singapore dollars
  • Plaza Singapore #03-47 (Refresh TCM Wellness)

Service Description

当女人都渴望拥有一个“小蛮腰”时,纤腰塑身是她们的理想选择。这一独特技术不仅可以调理瘦身、燃脂减肥,还能让体型瘦回S曲线,令人倍感美丽自信。无论穿着什么服装,都将展现出完美的身材。 纤腰塑身的疗程针对四种不同类型的肥胖问题:实胖、虚胖、湿胖、毒胖。通过运用独家技术,它能打通受阳经络,促进经气运行,恢复内胜自身动力,从而从根本上加速热量消耗和脂肪分解,促进新陈代谢的改善。除此之外,纤腰塑身技术还可释放远红外线渗透至肌肤深层,精准地在湿壽处发热,快速促进肢体和关节血液循环,催活组织细胞修复,促进新陈代谢排出。 这个疗程采用中医瘦身方式,旨在排走腰部多余水分,并在腹部位置保持温暖,防止脂肪堆积。我们拥有独门纯手法,并结合高科技手段,确保效果达到最佳状态。 想要减脂、雕塑身形、消除水肿?我们将为您提供8大数据,让您更全面地了解自身体质,从而拥有更健康美丽的自己!在纤腰塑身的呵护下,您将焕发出全新的自信与魅力! When women yearn to possess a "petite and curvaceous waist," Hourglass Body Contouring presents itself as their ideal choice. This distinctive technique not only aids in body conditioning and fat burning but also helps regain an S-shaped figure, instilling a profound sense of beauty and self-assurance. Irrespective of attire, a flawless physique is sure to be showcased. The treatment course of Hourglass Body Contouring targets four distinct types of obesity: actual obesity, false obesity, dampness-induced obesity, and toxic obesity. Through the application of exclusive methodologies, it facilitates the unblocking of the meridians, stimulating the flow of vital energy, and restoring the body's innate vitality, consequently accelerating caloric expenditure and fat decomposition at its root, thereby promoting an enhanced metabolism. Additionally, the technology of Hourglass Body Contouring releases far-infrared radiation that penetrates deeply into the skin, accurately generating heat in damp areas, rapidly improving blood circulation in limbs and joints, activating tissue cell repair, and promoting metabolic detoxification. Adopting traditional Chinese slimming practices, this treatment is intended to expel excess water retention around the waist while maintaining warmth in the abdominal region to prevent fat accumulation. Our approach involves exclusive manual techniques combined with cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal results. Seeking to reduce fat, sculpt your body, and eliminate water retention? We provide you with eight comprehensive data assessments, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of your physique, ultimately empowering you to possess a healthier and more beautiful self! Under the nurturing care of Hourglass Body Contouring, you shall exude newfound confidence and charm! *First Trial Promotion only for online exclusive体验价只限网上预约* *First Trial Promotion including consultation体验价包括问诊*

Cancellation Policy

1. A $10.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment. 2. If you are unable to attend, we will keep the credit for one year for future use. 3. All online promotions are exclusively for online bookings. 4. Appointment availability is subject to our shop's schedule, and we will try our best to accommodate your preferred date and time. If needed, we will suggest alternative options that work for both parties.

Contact Details

  • Orchard Road, Refresh TCM Wellness @ Plaza Singapura #03-47, Plaza Singapura, Singapore

    65 6884 4104

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