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BlacKure 白转黑

Enhance Your Hair's Journey with the Perfect Blend of BlacKure and Signature Detox Scalp

  • 1 hour
  • 198 Singapore dollars
  • Plaza Singapore #03-31 68(Refresh TCM Hair)

Service Description

Are you longing for a hair transformation that goes beyond conventional hair darkening methods? Look no further than BlacKure, the ultimate solution to unlock the true potential of your hair. With our revolutionary chemical-free approach and the potent properties of botanical ingredients, BlacKure offers a transformative journey towards captivating darkness. At BlacKure, we understand that your hair is a reflection of your unique beauty. Our method gently enhances your natural color, revealing a captivating shade that perfectly complements your individuality. Unlike traditional chemical hair dyes that may damage and weaken your hair, BlacKure revitalizes your hair follicles from within, resulting in not only beautifully darkened hair but also hair that is stronger, more vibrant, and full of life. The journey begins with a thorough scalp analysis, allowing us to tailor the treatment to address your specific needs. Our signature Detox Scalp Treatment, featuring the exceptional formulation of Tou Dao Tang, cleanses your scalp and hair follicles, ensuring optimal product absorption and maximum results. The true magic of BlacKure unfolds during the application process. Our skilled Trichologists meticulously massage the BlacKure formula deep into your scalp, creating a sensation of pure bliss. This extraordinary blend, enriched with hair-nourishing botanical ingredients, harnesses the power of nature to gradually reveal captivating darkness. The captivating scent of ginseng adds an invigorating touch to the entire experience, making each session a rejuvenating treat for your senses. With patience and dedication, you'll witness remarkable results after just 10 sessions. Let nature guide your hair's journey to richness and vibrancy as BlacKure works its magic. Rediscover your natural beauty and unlock a stunning new chapter in your hair's story. Are you ready to embrace your hair's transformative journey? Step into the realm of BlacKure and experience the captivating beauty that awaits you.

Cancellation Policy

1. A $10.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment. 2. If you are unable to attend, we will keep the credit for one year for future use. 3. All online promotions are exclusively for online bookings. 4. Appointment availability is subject to our shop's schedule, and we will try our best to accommodate your preferred date and time. If needed, we will suggest alternative options that work for both parties.

Contact Details

  • Orchard Road, Refresh Hair & Scalp Wellness Centre @ Plaza Singapura #03-31, 68, Singapore

    65 8775 2380

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