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Back Massage

Benefits of back massage:

1. Relieve stress

2. Reduce anxiety

3. Manage low-back pain

4. Boost immunity

5. Sleep better

$49 (30min)

Moxi Facial

Moxibustion beauty facial helps you solve all your skin problems, to create the prefect skin that you have been looking forward to.

$498 (90min)


Bojin therapy stimulates the body to self-heal while achieving a combination of results: beauty, contouring, pain and tension relief, health maintenance and hormone balance.

$198 (30min) / $398 (60min)

Full Body Massage

Benefits of full body massage:

1. Relief of pain stiffness

2. Better circulation

3. Tougher immune system 

$98 (30min)/ $138 (90min)

Lymphatic Drainage

The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. Some health conditions can cause lymph fluid to build up. 

$198 (30min) / $398 (60min)


Benefits of moxibustion:
1. Improves arthritic pain 
2. Boosts immunity
3. Benefits gynecological issues and help menstrual pain
4. Improvements in headaches and decrease in migraines
5. Improvements from digestive complaints 

$198 (30min) / $398 (60min)

V10 Plus Treatment Facial

World's 1st Skin Supplement Concept

$298 (75min)

Meridian Treatment 

Meridian therapy techniques restore energy flow through the body’s twelve meridians. They work in a variety of ways to release blockages and restore balance in mind and body. Restored energy flow benefits physical and mental health in many ways, including detoxing the body.

$198 (30min) / $398 (60min)

Hip Therapy

Benefits of hip therapy:

1. Restores movement in the hip area

2. Strengthen joint and hip muscles

3. Reduce pain and swelling

4. Improves blood circulation

5. Prevents formation of blood clots

$198 (30min) 

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