What is "TCM Outcall Service"? 什么是"中医出诊服务"?

We make TCM simple and closer to you. Hence we came up with 'TCM outcall service'. We provide TCM services in your home, or any place you would like to receive treatment. 



Who is suitable to book this outcall service? 谁适合预约这项服务?

Those who face difficulties to seek TCM treatment personally at the clinics.



What is included in this service? 这项服务包括了什么?

✅ TCM Consultation 中医问诊

✅ TCM Tuina 中医推拿


What is the duration of this treatment? 治疗时长?

⏲️ 60 mins 



Who are the TCM physicians? 谁是负责的中医师? 

Each of our TCM physicians is registered with TCMPB under the Ministry of Health. We will arrange a physician for you based on the appointment date & time and the availability of physicians. 



You may also contact us via +65 6555 6347 for more information.

您也可联系+65 6555 6347以获取更多详情。

Yong Kang TCM Outcall Service - Tuina

Where do you know about this service? 您是从哪里得知此服务?
  • 1. Once you have booked an appointment and make the online payment, our customer service will contact you within 1 working day regarding the appointment date and time. 


    2. Our physician will visit at your registered address.  


    3. If herbal medication is required, instruction will be given by our physician on how to collect the medicine. 


    4. The treatment is non-refundable and non-exchangeable once sold. 


    5. You're required to make an appointment within 3 months from the date of purchase. 


    6. Yong Kang TCM clinic reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.


  • We provide two Payment Method


    1. Stripe

    2. Paynow / Bank TransferOnce payment made, please send a screenshot of bank-in slip to +65 9396 1415)


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