An online deal that is exclusively for Yong Kang TCM Clinic online first-time customers. 专为永康中医在线新顾客提供的优惠体验价。

It includes Consultation + 30 minutes Acupuncture. 优惠包括中医问诊及针灸治疗。

We Treat:

✔️Chronic Pain 慢性疼痛

✔️Sports Injury 运动损伤

✔️Digestive Disorder 消化系统疾病

✔️Migraine 偏头痛

✔️Men & Women’s Health 男女健康

✔️Insomnia 失眠


TCM Acupuncture 永康针灸 @$28

S$55.00 Regular Price
S$28.00Sale Price
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Where do you know about this deal? 您是从哪里得知此促销?
  • Please note that 请留意:

    • This online deal is exclusively for 1st timer only. 此优惠仅适用于新顾客。

    • First-timer only have ONE chance to enjoy this online deal. You're not allowed to purchase more than one for your own. 每一位新顾客只有一次的机会享有这项优惠体验价。您不能为自己购买多于1个的优惠。

    • First-timer can purchase more than one if it is for their family/friends (have to be first-timer). However, you will need to provide their details to us via WhatsApp (93961415). 新顾客能被允许购买多于1个的优惠,当他们是为了家人/朋友而购买的(也必须是新顾客)。并且,必须把他们的资讯发到WhatsApp (93961415) 给我们。   

    • Appointments can only be booked on weekdays, before 4 pm, except VivoCity #02-172.  除了VivoCity#02-172,您只能预约周日,4pm前的时段。

    • Treatments are available to all outlets. 所有诊所都提供此优惠。

    • 24 hrs advance appointment is required. Otherwise, we have the right to cancel your appointment. 需提前24小时预约。否则,我们有权取消您的预约。 

    • Strictly online booking and online payment only. Even walk-in customers are also required to make an online booking and online payment on the spot. 仅限在线预约和在线付款。即使是上门顾客,也需要当场做在线预约和在线付款。

    • You will need to pay the normal price: $55 if choosing to make the payment at the outlet. 如果您选择在诊所付款,就必须支付正常价格:$55。

    • You are required to visit the outlet within 3 months from the date of purchase. 购买此优惠后,您必须在3个月内做预约及访问诊所。

    • Offer is not refundable and exchangeable for cash. 优惠不可退款,也不可兑换现金。

    • *Note: Women in pregnancy are not allowed to book for any of our treatments. We will recommend you to visit us after giving birth* 注意:怀孕妇女不被允许预定我们的任何治疗,我们将建议您在生产后才做预约。

  • 我们提供两种付款方式 We provide two Payment Method

    1. Stripe

    2. Paynow / Bank Transfer (一旦完成了汇款,请将银行付款证明截图了发送到以下号码 Once payment made, please send a screenshot of bank-in slip to +65 9396 1415)

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