For Early Bird discount, please book at least 30 days before EDD.

8 sessions/month

30 - 40 minutes

Twice a week

Experience the fast result to remove excessive fluid retention.
Helps to Rejuvenate and Revitalize the body.
A consultation fee is included in this program.
Natural birth mom can receive treatment three days after deliver.
C sec mom can receive treatment from seven days onwards after delivery.


Painless and effective postpartum treatment. The physician will target certain acupoints depending on different body constitution. This program is totally customizable, not only helps to improve holistic wellness but also helps to lose weight.

  • Uterine Involution


  • Relieve afterpains


  • Boost milk production


  • Prevent and treat urinary problems


  • Promote the recovery of body shape


  • Reduced anxiety and depression


Early Bird - Postpartum Rejuvenation Acupuncture Program

S$1,024.00 Regular Price
S$944.00Sale Price
  • Treatment Time Extension

    Where the need/desire arises for therapists/ physicians to continue beyond the booked time, and the therapists/ physicians are available to do so, they will do so provided authorization has been granted. The minimum time extensions 30 minutes.



    Refresh Group intends to provide an environment that is pleasant, healthy, comfortable, and free from intimidation, hostility, discrimination, or other offences. Harassment of any sort – verbal, physical, and visual – will not be tolerated.

    Refresh Group provides health care services. Be respectful of other guests and Refresh Group's employees.


    Personal Valuables

    The Customer is advised to keep all valuables before the arrival of Refresh Group’s representative(s) and will not hold Refresh Group Pte Ltd responsible for any loses/ damages.


    Cancellation / Rescheduling Appointment Policy

    Our goal at Refresh Group is to provide the highest quality services in a timely manner. In order to do so, we have had to implement an appointment cancellation/rescheduling policy. This policy enables us to better utilize available appointments for our clients. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Life sometimes happens, so if it is necessary to cancel or reschedule your scheduled appointment, we require that you let us know at least 48 hours' advance of your scheduled appointment to avoid cancellation/rescheduling fees. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case by case basis.


    Session appointment cancellation/rescheduling policy will be subject to the following fee(s):


    No-Show Policy

    A “no-show” is someone who misses a scheduled appointment without cancelling or rescheduling 48 hours in advance of their scheduled appointment. “No-shows” will be charged 100% of the session amount. Session amount is different than the price listed on our booking page. If a client accumulates 3 “No-shows”, he or she may be blacklisted. The remaining package will be forfeited.


    Late Arrival for your Scheduled Appointment

    If you arrive 10 minutes late or more, your appointment time will be reduced by the amount of time you were late to accommodate the next client’s scheduled appointment.


    Cancellation Policy for Refresh Members

    While there is no additional deposit required for making appointments for pre-purchased multi-hour packages, appointments cancelled or rescheduled will be subject to the following policy and fee(s):


    Cancellation: If you cancel your appointment 48 hours before your meeting time there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice you will be deducted session(s)/ hour(s)/ credit(s) per occurrence.


    Rescheduling: If you reschedule your appointment 48 hours before your meeting time there is no rescheduling fee. If you reschedule your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice you will be charged $30.00 rescheduling fee per occurrence. The final adjusted balance will be due at the time of your rescheduled appointment.


    How to Cancel/Reschedule Your Appointment

    To cancel or reschedule appointments, there are several options: Please leave a detailed message and a contact number if cancelling or rescheduling with less than 48 hours' notice. Please refer to your confirmation or reminder email. These emails contain an option to Cancel/Reschedule that will take you directly to our appointment calendar for cancellation or rescheduling of your existing appointment. Be advised; if it's less than 48 hours' before your appointment, cancelling or rescheduling options will not be available, and this is subject to the cancellation/rescheduling policy.

    Refund Policy

    No refund will be made with respect to every treatments completion included products are not utilised by the Customer, either in part or full, or where the Customer amends,  Upon cancellation, the Company will refund the deposit paid according to charges stipulated on the section below:

    Administration Fee: $300 

    Postpartum Acupuncture: $128/ treatment

    Postpartum Tuina: $158/treatment

    Out Call Fee: $50/ treatment

    All refunds will be paid to you within two (4) weeks to (2) months.



    I hereby authorise, agree and consent to allow Refresh Group Pte. Ltd. to:


    a. collect, use, disclose and/or process personal data about me that I had previously provided Refresh Group Pte. Ltd., that I now provide Refresh Group Pte. Ltd., that I may in future provide Refresh Group Pte. Ltd. with and/or that Refresh Group Pte. Ltd. possesses about me including but not limited to my name, my date of birth, my identification number, my email address, my telephone numbers, my address for the following purposes:


    - facilitating, processing, dealing with, administering, managing and/or maintaining our relationship with Refresh Group Pte. Ltd.;


    - dealing in any matters relating to Refresh Group Pte. Ltd. products, services and activities;


    - carrying out due diligence and other screening activities, or to prevent or investigate any fraud or breach of contract or unlawful activity, or complying with or as required by any applicable law, governmental or regulatory requirements of any relevant jurisdiction;


    - conducting research, analysis and development activities (including but not limited to data analytics, surveys and/or profiling) to enhance Refresh Group Pte. Ltd. products, services and/or operations, and/or otherwise for Refresh Group Pte. Ltd. business operations and purposes;


    - storing, hosting, backing up (whether for disaster recovery or otherwise) of my personal data, whether within or outside Singapore,

    (collectively the “Purposes”);


    b. disclose personal data about me to Refresh Group Pte. Ltd. third party service providers and agents (“Representatives”) that are engaged by Refresh Group Pte. Ltd. to perform certain functions in connection with the Purposes, so long as disclosure is necessary to enable such Representatives to perform the said functions. The Representatives may be located within or outside Singapore. In this regard, I hereby acknowledge, agree and consent that the said Representatives may, to the extent necessary to perform the said functions, collect, use, disclose and/or process my personal data.

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