Suitable for 适用于:


Strengthens the spleen & dispels dampness: suitable for Phlegm & dampness type, overweight with tummy, sticky mouth and greasy tongue coating


Ingredients 成分:

陈皮, 茯苓, 芡实, 山药, 薏苡仁, 赤小豆, 红豆, 玉米

Dried citrus peel, poria, chinese yam, coxi seed, rice beans, red bean, corn


Direction 煮法:

将药材洗净后置入锅中,倒入750至1公升的水用慢火煮二小时,便可饮用 (加入适量之瘦肉或鸡肉以增添美味)

Wash the herbs and put ingredients together with ribs or chicken meat into a pot. Add 750ml - 1 liter water and boil for 2 hours.

痰湿食疗 Spleen Nourishing Soup

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