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What is mugwort (艾叶)?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Mugwort smell like a fragrant, spicy, slightly bitter, pure in nature. In the thousands of years of clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, mugwort (艾叶) was considered by the ancients to be able to return to the dead sun, pass the twelve meridians, walk the three yins, regulate qi and blood, and chase the cold. Mugwort wet, warm the uterus, stop the blood, warm the depression, regulate the menstrual cycle, use moxibustion treatment can penetrate the various channels, and remove all diseases. Moxa is a product after processing by mugwort. The advantages of moxa: when burning, can penetrate the skin and reach the deep part; the medicinal efficacy of moxa leaves helps to improve the clinical treatment effect. Singapore is located in the tropics. The yearly average temperature is between 23-34 degrees, the yearly average rainfall is about 2400 mm, and the humidity is between 65% -90%. Because the living environment of Singaporeans is in high temperature and high humidity state, there are relatively high Many women who will suffer from cold and damp dysmenorrhea due to their living environment. The general symptoms of the patient are cold pain in the lower abdomen before menstruation, less menstruation, dark menstruation, blood clots, cold limbs, or the whole body is afraid of cold. , Or even nausea, are all too wet and cold in the body, due to the external environment It is difficult to change the situation of the individual. At this time, it is most appropriate to use moxibustion to treat the dysmenorrhea caused by cold and damp body constitution. You can use the moxibustion method to the pain point or the pain area like some of the meridian point zhiyang, Guanyuan, Mingmen, ShenQue, uterine, Sanyinjiao, and other points usually have obvious effects about 10 times. Of course, when doing moxibustion treatment, the quality of moxa will also affect the moxibustion effect. Generally speaking, the quality of moxa is good, free of impurities, dry, and stored for a long time. Inferior moxa wool, irritable firepower, easy to make the beneficiary feel burning pain, unbearable, and easy to burn the skin. Chen Ai, which has been stored for a long time, is the best. It has relatively mild firepower after being ignited. Due to the high volatile oil content in the new Ai, the firepower is too strong when it is burnt, which is easy to hurt the skin. By Cheng Jin 程锦 Yong Kang Traditional Chinese Medicine Tuina Therapist

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