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Sick of The Agony of High Heels Pain? Easy Tricks Improve Your Heel Pain.

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Heel pain is a common foot problem. Pain usually occurs under the heel or just behind it, where the Achilles tendon connects to the heel bone. Sometimes it can affect the side of the heel.

Pain that occurs under the heel is known as plantar fasciitis. This is the most common cause of heel pain.

Pain behind the heel is Achilles tendinitis. Pain can also affect the inner or outer side of the heel and foot.

In most cases, pain is not caused by an injury. At first, it is usually mild, but it can become severe and sometimes disabling. It usually disappears without treatment, but sometimes it can persist and become chronic.


Prevention of heel pain involves reducing the stress on that part of the body.

Tips include:

1. wearing shoes when on hard ground, and not going barefoot

2. maintaining a healthy body weight to reduce stress on the heels

3. choosing footwear with heels made of material that can absorb some stress, or using inserted heel pads

4. ensure shoes fit properly and do not have worn down heels or soles

5. avoid shoes that seem to trigger pain

rest your feet rather than standing if you are susceptible to heel pain

6. warm up properly before engaging in sports and activities that may place lots of stress on the heels

7. wear suitable sports shoes for each task

TCM Treatment On Heel Pain:


The physician will check your pulse, identify symptoms and give a diagnosis with TCM principles.


Studies that were done found that acupuncture stimulates our body’s natural painkillers and relieve pain. It aids in the release of blocked channels (improving Qi and Blood stagnation)

Shockwave Therapy (AWT):

Shockwave therapy has emerged as a possible treatment option for patients with chronic tendon problems. The procedure uses either pressurized air or electromagnetic pulses to delivers shock waves to the body to help treat of a variety of chronic disorders.

Chinese Herb Medication

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