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Must Know: 6 Best Foods to Prevent Stroke

Updated: Apr 24

Everyone knows what stroke is. But, do you know that stroke is the leading cause of adult disability?

In Singapore, 3.65% of the resident population has had a stroke in the past, and there are 26 new stroke cases every day.

According to research, 63% of stroke patients have some disability at three months. Also, it is the fourth most common cause of death, accounting for more than 10% of all deaths.

This should be taken seriously and we need to start thinking about the prevention of stroke.

There is actually an easy way to prevent stroke, which is a healthy eating habit. A healthy eating habit means we have to eat something good for our body and eat them correctly. So, let’s talk about the foods that can help to prevent stroke.


Foods that are good to prevent stroke...

Gastrodia (Tian Ma) 天麻

Gastrodia is a herb that can treat stroke, meridian hand and foot disorder, limb numbness, spasm, convulsions, etc. It can also activate and repair damaged brain cells and improve cognitive impairment.

Solomonseal Rhizome (Yu Zhu) 玉竹

Solomonseal Rhizome can strengthen the heart, lower blood sugar, expand the coronary arteries, increase coronary blood flow, lower blood lipids, and anti-atherosclerosis, which can help to prevent bacterial invasion, reduce phlegm, relieve cough, and prevent stroke.

Polygonum (He Shou Wu) 何首乌

Polygonum is famous among herbs as it brings about many positive effects to our body. It can prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, delay aging, prevent atherosclerosis, and strengthen the brain and improve intelligence. With all these functions, it can reduce the chance of suffering stroke as well.

Black Fungus 黑木耳

Black fungus has the functions of replenishing Qi and strengthening the body, nourishing the kidney and stomach, and promoting blood circulation. It can resist blood clotting, anti-thrombosis, lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels, smooth blood activity, and reduce cardiovascular disease.

Tremella Fuciformis (Yin Er) 银耳

Tremella Fuciformis has the highest potassium content among all the various foods we often eat. According to the observation by physicians, they found that if daily potassium intake of a person is increased by 10 mg, the risk of death from stroke can be reduced by 40%.

Spinach 菠菜

Spinach is a very normal dish on our dining table. But, do you know that it works amazingly in preventing stroke? The reason is mainly because spinach is rich in folic acid, which is the basic raw material for human hematopoiesis.

Not only that, spinach also contains iron. Folic acid and iron can promote the synthesis of red blood cells and increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, which

makes the blood circulation accelerated, and eventually

reducing the risk of stroke.


Tips to consume the foods:

  1. All the herbs mentioned above, such as Gastrodia or Solomonseal Rhizome, can be added into your daily soup.

  2. Before you consume the herbs, please consult a TCM physician to understand the appropriate usage amount, the methods of cooking, and whether or not it is suitable for daily consumption based on your health condition.

  3. If you don't know cooking or are too busy to cook the foods mentioned above, you may try out Rejuven Wellness & Nourishing Meal or Herbal Essence Meal for Stroke Patients.

For those who would like to prevent stroke from their diet, Wellness & Nourishing Meal is the best as it includes all the herbs that are good to our body and it can boost our physical fitness.

For those who are having/had a stroke may try out Herbal Essence Meal for Stroke Patients as the recipes are specially designed by our Yong Kang physicians, to ensure that all the herbs and ingredients used are suitable and good for stroke patients.

One meal comes with:

1 x serving of grain rice,2 x main dishes, 1 x tonic herbal soup, 1 x serving of dessert, and 1 x serving of daily tea

There are different menus for everyday and a total of 4 week menus for you to choose. Check out the menu:

Other than diet, you may also do some workout regularly to reduce the chance of stroke as it could enhance your physical functions so that you won’t easily get sick. Having a healthy diet and workout at the same time will minimize the chance of stroke.

So, what are you waiting for? Order Rejuven weekly meal plan now and enjoy your healthy journey ahead!

** For more details, call / whatsapp us at +65 6261 4600

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