Do you know your Chinese New Year snacks calories intake?

Chinese New Year is around the corner!

A lot of people have already started snacking on the Chinese new year. Before start popping those yummy snacks into your mouth, let's find out how much calories each serving gives you!

Enjoy yourselves but remember to try not to overeat!

Love letters:

6 love letters contain 280 calories.

Go ahead and do an hour of non-stop push-ups to slough it off.

Bak Kwa:

1 slice of Bak Kwa contains 380 calories.

it’ll take 100 minutes of brisk walking to shed that.

Kueh Bahulu:

3x Bahulu contains 100 calories

One hour jogging to slough it off

Fortune Cookies:

2x Fortune cookies contain 40 calories

21 minutes jump rope

Pineapple tarts:

5 of these sweet cookies contain 410 calories. Takes 55 minutes of running to burn off.

Prawn Crackers:

2x Prawn Crackers contains 170 calories.

1 hour Yoga to burn off

Kueh Kapit:

4 slices of Kueh Kapis contains 210 calories.

Work that off with roughly 65 minutes of badminton.

Fried Nian Gao:

2 slices of fried Nian Gao has 380 calories. Just 50 minutes of nonstop sit-ups.


Yu Sheng:

1 serving of Yu Sheng has contained 561 calories.

4 hours of cleaning the house

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