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Benefits of Cupping II

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Benefits of Cupping

Mechanical stimulation :

During cupping, the negative pressure in the cup can cause rupture of local capillaries to produce the phenomenon of autolysis, stimulate the body’s micro-circulation system, improve local blood circulation, and strengthen the body’s protection and immune functions, thereby forming an optimal stimulation.

Warm stimulation:

During cupping, the heating action of the cup can promote the expansion of local blood vessels, increase blood flow, and speed up blood circulation, thus improving the blood supply and nutrient supply to the skin, promoting metabolism, and improving the patient conditions and restoring their health,

Anti-inflammation and relieving pain :

Cupping can promote local blood circulation. Strengthened local blood circulation can improve metabolism of inflammatory exudate and pain factors at the local lesion, and a further decrease or eliminating their stimulation to nerves endings, thereby eliminating inflammation relieving pain and achieving the purpose of treatment.

Detoxification :

During cupping, the negative pressure in the cup can cause rupture of local blood vessels, thus directly discharging local accumulation of metabolic wasted, and at the same time, improving respiration of the skin, which is conducive to the excretion and detoxification of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, and increasing metabolism in human bodies.

Regulating the immune function

Research has found that cupping can increase the total number of white blood cells and at the same time, improve the phagocyte ability of white blood cells as the alpha globulin and beta globulin in blood increase obviously under the effect of mechanical stimulation, bleeding and congestion, thus greatly increasing the body’s defense immunity,

Two-way optimal regulative effect:

Cupping has the effect of a two-way optimal regulation. Take cupping can excite the functions of stomach and intestine, when they are excited, cupping can inhibit their functions. Another example is cupping at Tianshu point, when constipation occurs, cupping can help to relieve constipation occurs, cupping can stop diarrhea. The two-way optimal regulative effect of cupping therapy is consistent with the improvement of disease.

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