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Best Menopause Supplement
In Singapore

Yong Kang Menopause Wellness Capsule formulated in reference to modern Chinese Herbology and research advances in food science for the vacuity of yin as the root and blood stasis as the tip in postmenopausal in women. Contains up to 7 ingredients to help in relieving menopause symptoms and boost up the body health.

Singapore- made


100% Side

Effect Free


Proven Herbs

Formulated by

Qualified Physicians

85% of Women Are Facing 
Menopause Anxiety & Depression

Hot Flashes
Dry Skin
Immunity Decreased
Mood Swing
Chest Tightness

Menopause can cause a decline in ovarian function and estrogen levels and ovarian axis dysfunction that may affect our daily lives. Yong Kang Menopause Wellness Capsule adopts 100% premium TCM herbs that are concentrated to help gynecological symptoms, which effectively ease the discomforts of menopause and offer comprehensive care to your menopause journey.

Empower Your Confidence with 
Yong Kang Menopause Wellness capsule