How well do you know your liver?

The liver isn’t just the largest internal organ – it’s also one of the busiest, removing harmful waste and storing energy. 

Formulated by our TCM physicians, Yong Kang Liver Wellness Capsule contains high concentrated Silymarin extract, Coriolus, and Glutathione to help maintain normal liver function.

Liver Wellness Capsule.

A vital nutritional supplement to your liver.


Based on research

Yong Kang Liver Wellness Capsule has been developed with the help of the Singapore leading pharmaceutical experts and internationally trained physicians. 

The formulation is based on the latest international findings on the role of specific nutrients in liver health. 

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Made in Singapore


Conform to the GMP standard

Plant-based capsule


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3 Steps to Healthy Liver

Our liver wellness capsule provides comprehensive support to your liver naturally

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Step 1

Liver Detox

A cleanse that helps to remove wastes and toxins from your body.

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Step 2

Liver Tonic

Stimulate the growth of new liver cells to regenerate your liver function.

Step 3

Liver Protection

Protect liver cells from damage and keep your liver in optimal shape.



What can harm the liver?

The liver is considered the most hardworking organ and sometimes, our lifestyles and certain medical conditions can burden this organ even more. If you are one of the following groups of people, you can consider starting on a liver supplement.


Liver warning signs you can't afford to ignore!

The liver does not contain nerve fibers that sense pain. Therefore, it might be difficult to signal a problem.

Difficulty concentrating

Extreme fatigue and exhaustion 

Loss of appetite and feeling nauseous

Persistent fever and  increase firing of cold

Significantly reduce alcohol intake

Dull skin and lack of radiance

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Feeling dizzy

Blurry vision and other vision problems

Easily angered and frustrated

Skin irritation and itchy

Dark-coloured urine

Spider nevus and liver palm

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Don't wait until it's too late.

Liver cancer is the sixth most common cancer worldwide. In Singapore, it is the fourth most common cancer among men. It affects about 24 individuals in every 100,000 people a year.


It helps carry away waste and break down fats in the small intestine during digestion.


Scar tissue begins to replace healthy tissue in the inflamed liver.


Severe scarring has built up, making it difficult for the liver to function properly.


Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control.



The liver is an organ that you cannot live without, literally. It performs so many crucial processes in the body. Therefore, it is essential that we take good care of it.

Clinical Indications

Symptoms arising from drug-induced liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver, etc. due to overdose of medications, smoking, excessive alcoholism or long-term radiation exposure: fatigue, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, reduced or blurred vision, pain in the rib-side, abdominal distension, sloppy stools, yellow urine, red tongue, deep and fine pulse.

Dosage and Precaution

2-3 capsules 2 times daily, or in accordance to physician's orders. Administration of this medical product should be stopped upon discovery of any adverse drug reactions or changes in physical appearance of the capsules.


I was frequently socializing events and was an alcoholic and smoker at the same time. One day, I found that there is a bitter taste in my mouth, oppression in the chest, frequent sighing, lack of appetite, and blurred vision.  

After receiving the blood test, I was diagnosed with alcoholic liver disease.

I began to consume Liver Wellness Capsule 2 capsules 2 times daily. The symptoms had been relieved after 3 days of medication. 

My hepatic function even returned to normal levels after 3 months of medications.

—  Mr Cheong, 35 years old